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Fans of Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G. and  Wish You Were Mine by Tara Sivec will fall in love with the flawed characters in this sweet new adult contemporary romance series.

Love's a risky game, especially when you're the prize...
Bobby Beckerson is the American All-Star hockey player—he’s the spitting image of perfection to his family. Goofy, sweet and undeniably gorgeous, he has everything but the one girl he wants: River Ahlers.

River Ahlers is successful in everything but love. She's been in love with Adam Beckerson since they were kids. Worst of all she's stuck right in the middle of the brothers dueling over everything and anything, and she doesn't even know she's the ultimate prize.
Adam Beckerson is a boy with a guitar, a smile that sinks girls' hearts and a stone wall around his own. He’s anything but perfect, and no matter how hard he tries he’s nothing compared to Bobby. Sweet, damaged, with boyish good-looks, nobody thinks Adam loves anyone but himself.

Bobby loves River, River loves Adam and Adam only loves himself--or so everyone thinks. Then one night everything changes, and as it threatens to destroy everyone involved a tragedy strikes that will break them all.


Sometimes when you lose everything, you lose yourself...
That’s all it takes to have everything ripped away from you.
 No one knows this better than Adam Beckerson and River Ahlers.

Each is fighting a losing battle with the death of Bobby and the fall out it causes. Adam loses a brother; River her best friend.

And while Adam finds himself fading into the bottom of a bottle, River finds the only thing she can do is run away from everything-- including Adam.
Sometimes when you lose everything, you lose yourself. The important part is finding your way back again.

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In one another they can find perfection, if only they are willing to reshape their shattered dreams into new, better ones.

River Ahlers is damaged goods. On the surface she's a driven businesswoman, leading a new division of the marketing firm she works for. But she knows better than anyone that being driven also tends to drive people away. At twenty-eight she's made some of the toughest decisions of her life by burying the reason she's damaged deep inside her. That is until she walks into a tattoo parlor and falls into the arms of someone else just as broken.

West Brighton is bad news. He's a tattooed rebel with more money than he needs, and so many scars on his heart, he's sure there's no way to let someone in. Until River, but she's still stuck on her ex and his friend -- Adam Beckerson.

Adam Beckerson is a changed man. He's made a successful career for himself and his best friend, Tara, hasn't left his side. She gets him-- the real him that he's never shown anyone, but there's still something missing.

Each one of them is beautifully flawed and in one another they can find perfection, if only they are willing to reshape their shattered dreams into new, better ones.

EBOOK - $2.99 / PAPERBACK - $9.99

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About the Author 

 Cassandra doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character’s stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. Besides being a writer, Cassandra is a professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is happily married to the man of her dreams, and they live in the rolling hills of New England with their daughter, Hope and their dogs, Bubski and Kanga. For regular updates visit Cassandra’s website and sign up for her newsletter.

Cassandra can be found on:
Goodreads | 
Instagram / Twitter: @cgiovanniauthor

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Title: The Albino Chameleon
Author: Kirsty Anne Ferguson
Release: Get it HERE!


You may be thinking are Albino Chameleons real? The answer is yes. They are one of the top 10 most rare animals in the world, according to Google.
A Chameleon is best known for its superlative camouflage powers. It’s colour changing abilities allow it to blend in with any environment. They are the ultimate fraudsters, adjusting with consummate ease to any environment.
The Albino Chameleon however, remains bright white regardless of its surroundings.
It is the perfect mascot and inspiration behind this book. The Albino Chameleon is incapable of lying and can only be itself. In the end, that is what makes it the most valuable.
Building the story of you is an adventure, one that will uncover your unique story piece by fascinating piece. 
Along the way we share snippets from people just like you who have gone on to become entrepreneurs, fashion designers, recruiters, artists and globe trotting mums.


I arrived on a particular day in March, in a quiet little backwater town called Wairoa, in rural New Zealand. The year was 1965. In previous lives my mum had been an opera singer, teacher and librarian who had dabbled in swim-ware modelling. My dad, a respected bank manager at the time, had exited the seminary after deciding the priesthood was not for him.  Thank goodness for that otherwise I wouldn’t have made it.  

After 7-years of courting, my mum had given my dad a rather forthright ultimatum, “marry me or else”.  So I guess I have attitude on both sides to thank for this life.

Those two went on to set me up for a nomadic and challenging life. They raised an independent person, not afraid to take risks and capable of a level of resilience that allowed me to bounce back from a multitude of both silly and catastrophic mistakes.

Early on I stumbled from nothing job to nothing job, packing up on a whim to travel to wherever, with barely a thought for the consequences. That Aussie idiom, ‘she’ll be right’ became my modus operandi.

That carefreeness came to an end in my mid thirties. Over the ensuing 9 or 10 years I wandered aimlessly through marriage, divorce, infertility and the loss of half my family.

Sounds depressing I know, but there is an upside. All of that life stuff propelled me into action. Result, some 7 years on I have created an internationally renowned coaching company, written over 10 Business Workbooks and gained expert status in my field, lecturing at universities, being interviewed by Reuters,, Marie Claire, Australian Aviation and the ABC.  

I also found time to date and am happily ensconced with my forever surfer guy. I run a close second to a dream 5 feet right hand barrel.

The Albino Chameleon or “Ben” as we like to call him, was born out of my innate need to persuade everyone else to be all that they can be, no matter what life has dealt them.  

To write their own story - or to rewrite it if need be. 
Visit Kirsty on her official website: KirstyAnneFerguson.Com!

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Andrew Och is the author of “Unusual for Their Time: On the Road with America’s First Ladies” (Volume One & Volume Two).  He is an award-winning television and multimedia producer who has traveled the world with his pen, paper and camera.  A Radio/Television and Film graduate from the University of Maryland, Andrew started his production career in music - recording and touring with his band in the 80s & 90s.  Soon after that he added his camera to the mix, and all the pieces fell into place.  A storyteller from a young age, Andrew enjoys the art of communication, and will go anywhere in the world for more knowledge, greater understanding and amazing stories.  He is a true documentarian of life.

Andrew spent over a year traveling to nearly every location that helped tell the stories of every First Lady of the United States of America for the C-SPAN series – “First Ladies: Influence and Image.”  He covered Martha Washington through Michelle Obama, and visited with people and places all across the country.  From Colonial Williamsburg to Stanford University, he was given an ALL ACCESS – BACKSTAGE PASS to some of the nation’s most treasured collections and historical landmarks.  He spent time in libraries and museums - homes and schools - birthplaces and cemeteries - train stations and churches.  No stone was left unturned, nor door left unlocked, in his unique and historical journey to learn everything he could about these women before, during and after their time in the White House.  His research and travels continue with current First Lady Melania Trump.

Historians, archivists, educators and enthusiasts agree – Och’s books, First Ladies Man project and travels put him in a small and rare group of people.  He is responsible for one of the most vast and complete collections of material and information about this unique sorority of women ever assembled.  He IS the First Ladies Man, and he is excited to share the stories of his adventures.



Winter 2018, Washington DC – After the critically acclaimed success of VOLUME ONE, Andrew Och is back with UNUSUAL FOR THEIR TIME: ON THE ROAD WITH AMERICA’S FIRST LADIES VOLUME TWO.  In VOLUME TWO, Andrew picks up his journey in the 1900’s with Edith Roosevelt and takes us all the way up to the current administration with Melania Trump.  His compelling research and perspective on this unique sorority of women continues to give readers and audiences everywhere a behind the scenes look at some of the rarest and most interesting historical collections and locations in America.

Och concludes, “These are arguably the most influential and powerful unelected women in the world. Their lives before, during and after the White House are fascinating, and their contributions and impact on our country and the modern world are almost immeasurable.” He brings a fresh perspective and a new passion to an often-overlooked subject in American History.

Andrew’s travels had him pinballing across the country from Oyster Bay, Long Island in New York to Simi Valley, California. Och relates, “From trip number one it was clear how important Martha Washington was during the Revolutionary War, and she set the tone for how important the women who followed her would be.” He adds, “Betty Ford revealed herself as one of the most influential First Ladies of all time, and her husband wasn’t even an elected President. There are hidden gems about each of these women at every turn.”

Andrew Och’s extensive travels blend both education and entertainment to highlight one of the most comprehensive historical collections on America’s First Ladies that exists in the world today. A historian, teacher, lecturer and documentarian - he’s often asked: Who was your favorite First Lady? Andrew sums it up by saying, “It’s impossible to pick one. Each woman – whether quietly or with much bluster – has affected her husband’s administration, and thus the world. This is an impact that no other human on Earth could achieve. The world as we know it would be a very different place without any one of these First Ladies.”

Exclusive Interview with the 'First Ladies Man,' and author Andrew Och! 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what drove you to write a book like this? 

I am a television producer from Rockville, MD who has traveled to every home, library, museum, birthplace, cemetery, church, school, farm, plantation and historical site for every First Lady from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama for the C-SPAN series "First Ladies: Influence and Image." When I finished my work for the series, these women - like no other subject matter I had covered - spoke to me. I needed to continue my research and travels. I needed to keep talking and telling people about these great women. The more I spoke publicly about these women, the more people wanted to know. Soon, my speaking series and events weren't enough, and I wrote "Unusual For Their Time: On the Road with America's First Ladies." Volume One covers the 1700 & 1800's (Martha Washington through Ida McKinley), and Volume Two covers the 1900 & 2000's (Edith Roosevelt through Melania Trump). 

The access to some of our country's most valuable and relevant locations, artifacts and collections was not something I took lightly. I am grateful to C-SPAN for the opportunity to have worked on the series and get to know this unique sorority of women like I have. I went on a journey that no one else has taken. Together with the White House Historical Association we have gathered the largest collection of video, interviews and information about these women that exists in the world. I feel a great responsibility to share what I know with as many people as I can beyond the work I did for the series. The books are the stories of America's First Ladies through my eyes and travels and the people who taught me about them along the way. 

Why do you think the First Ladies of America are so unique and special? 

These women are the most powerful and influential unpaid and unelected women in the world. There is no job description or First Ladies 101 class they can take in school. The only training they have is the life they have lived. And, the only reason they have the title and position is that they married a man who became President. These women have the unique opportunity to make their roles and contributions whatever they want or feel is necessary for the country at that time. They influence what we eat, how we dress and how we raise our children. They make us aware of people less fortunate than us, and they represent us to the rest of the world. I write in my books "America wouldn't even be a country if George Washington had not married a young widow named Martha Dandridge Custis." That's how important these women are to the story and the modern world.

Do you have any personal favorite First Lady facts or trivia you'd like to share? 

I always break down my favorite First Ladies by century, with the caveat that all of them are special to me for each of their individual accomplishments and contributions. In the 1700's, Abigail Adams comes to mind. Abigail would be considered a progressive thinker even today. She knew hundreds of years before women had the right to vote - before electricity or televisions - that men were holding the remotes, but women were picking the shows. She told her husband to "remember the ladies" so he would have the men on his side. She gave him valuable political and career advice that served him well. They were one of our first political power couples, and when she died John Adams wrote "if I could only lie down beside her and die myself." 

In the 1800's, I like Lucy Hayes. Lucy did philanthropic work with Civil War veterans, orphans and the mentally ill long before "pay it forward" was a thing. She also did it before it was expected of First Ladies, and before it was socially cool. Lou Hoover is my pick for the 1900's, because she was one of the most intelligent, confident and selfless women to ever live in the White House. Sadly, the Great Depression eclipses most of Lou's accomplishments, and many people don't even remember her name. She spoke 7 different languages, was the first woman to graduate from Stanford with a Geology degree. She designed two of the Hoover's houses without any formal architecture training. She and her husband had been around the world multiple times before they became President and First Lady, and they were the first First Family (of now three) to decline a Presidential salary. The 2000's are more difficult, because we're not that far into it to know the historical impact of our most recent First Ladies. 

However, for now, I will say Laura Bush. The world changed for everyone on 9/11/01. But, not everyone was First Lady. Laura Bush had to change publicly on the world stage in front of everyone. She went from a Texas librarian who wanted better education for our children to becoming the most traveled First Lady in history as she championed women's rights and education for women all over the world. She had no formal training in foreign affairs or international policy, yet, she went directly into hostile territory to let the women and the world know that we cared about these people and wanted a better life for all of them.

How did you go about researching these books? Did you travel? What kind of interviews did you conduct? 

For a year and two months I ate, slept and breathed First Ladies. I would be on the road for weeks at a time, by myself, with seven bags of gear. By the end of the project, I needed prescription glasses, cortisone shots in my back and hip, and two rounds of Z-PAK steroids for walking pneumonia. The upside was that every TSA agent at BWI Airport knew me by name and security had become a breeze. I was tireless in my pursuit of stories and information about these women. I talked to relatives, biographers, curators, park rangers, and docents about every location and artifact I could. Through C-SPAN's impeccable reputation and my ability to not break anything or overstay my welcome, no door was locked to me or stone left unturned in my extensive travels. I am proud of the fact that I am welcome back at all of these locations and I never had to use my insurance.

If there was one thing that you could say about America's First Ladies, what would it be? 

These women have been partners in the development, leadership and success of America from the very beginning.

Where can readers check you out online? 

Andrew Och is an Award Winning television producer who has traveled the world in search of provocative stories and adventures. In 2012, He began an historical journey as he traversed America for over a year documenting the lives of every First Lady of the United States for the C-SPAN series *First Ladies: Influence And Image.* The series aired in 2013 to great acclaim and helped reveal the untold stories behind the ladies of the White House.
From Martha Washington to Michelle Obama, Mr. Och was given an all access pass to some of the nation's most treasured collections and historical landmarks. Andrew Och, the unequivocal FIRST LADIES MAN, pulls back the curtain on the public and private lives of this unique sorority of women - with the largest complete collection of video and interviews about America's First Ladies that exists in the world. These the women that helped build America and it's all about the ladies.
Many people ask me why I like the First Ladies so much, or how I first got interested in them. My initial answer is always, "I was in the right place at the right time." Growing up outside of Washington, DC, I always had a healthy interest in American history. However, like most people I didn't know much more about the First Ladies beyond their time in the White House. My travels and research have opened my eyes to the world of these great women. Now that the series is long over, and I have finished two books about these amazing women, I am thinking about the woman to whom this whole FIRST LADIES MAN project is dedicated, and I am reminded of her image and influence over me. Here are the words I spoke at Julie Carroll Och's memorial service on November 22, 2010.

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VERMONT: A Supernatural Crime Fiction from SARAH OSKANA (+ Interview )

Title: Vermont
Author: Sarah Oskana 
Genre: Supernatural/Crime Fiction
Release: Get it now on Amazon!

Vermont is a supernatural/Crime fiction based in a fictional town called Unknown where the population is full of mythical creatures and there's no human existence. When a young New Yorker Diana McKenzie mysteriously gets turned into a vampire she meets an ancient woman called the Voodoo Queen who guides her to the Unknown town and helps her through her new fate. As Diana gets familiar with the strange town she bonds with a revolutionary detective to help solve a gruesome crime of a teenager. Vermont alludes to societal issues on racism and feminism and religion.

Interview with Sarah Oskana 

What inspired you to write Vermont? 
What kind of research did you have to do?

A: I’ve always been a fan of the supernatural stuff like vampires and witches but I wanted to add a little more and make it into my own world full of other mythical creatures. The only major research I did for the book was on Voodoo, it was actually quite interesting simply because I think the media has shaped our minds to think of it as something evil but as I dug up the history of it, this was a religion for slaves. 

I learned that it is actually a mixture of Christian and African traditions, I personally there’s a lot on it that one would probably have to read for themselves but let’s just say that the culture has been misrepresented for years!

How do you think that your life experiences have shaped your writing? 

A: I’m 21 which means life experiences are still to learn but I can say as a teenager I’ve been bullied, hurt and rejected. I had spent a lot of my time in darkness and sadness but I would try to keep a smile on my face because I knew that one day it won’t always be the way things were. Before I wrote the book I was experiencing mental breakdowns after another, there was this emptiness and I couldn’t express it verbally because I knew that as person in my shoes won’t understand so when one day I decided I wasn’t going to sit at my desk anymore and cry about things and people who don’t matter to I was going to pick up my pieces and do what I do best and that’s writing. 

Writing and creating Vermont was more of a therapy for me, I use to have a lot self-esteem problems and putting out Vermont boast my confidence, there were days I would sit in my living room and smile at the creative ideas that I had within me and I realized that I’m purposeful and not useless as I thought.

What writers influence and inspire you? 

A: My main influence is definitely Shonda Rhimes - she is an incredible Black Woman, and for those who don’t know, she is the creator of the hit shows Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder and she represents us well. The thing I love about Shonda’s creation is that she places black women in non-stereotypical roles and the way the structures each and every episode it keeps you awake and hungry for more. 

As a future screenwriter I hope I can make my viewers as hungry. When it comes to my love for crime fiction and psychological thrillers I do enjoy a lot of Stephen King’s work also I’m into a lot true crime podcasts, one of my favorites is Murder and Martinis those guys are hilarious. Studying real life crimes has inspired me to write crime fictions based on unexplainable or even unsolved crimes.

Any advice for aspiring authors? Any upcoming projects?

A: As a first time author I’m still learning a lot but what I can say is that keep writing no matter how crazy or stupid your pieces maybe keep writing and don’t procrastinate. People are going to criticize and even be envious of your creative ability but keep writing. My next step is to put out a collection of confessional poetry, I want to inspire young adults and maybe even older. 

Let’s just say that’s a break from my love for myths and true crime but I haven’t abandon it  just something different I wanted to mix myself up in which I know you will enjoy because its relatable to atleast one person but I will be back with a new Supernatural/Crime book next year. So look out for updates from me on my social media (instagram) – sarahoksana

About the Author 
Sarah Oksana is a 21 year old Law Student from the tropical South American country called Guyana. She is currently attaining her Bachelors of Law (LLB)  through the University of London. She has a love for expressing stories of true crimes and ancient myths.
If you love a good crime, supernatural fiction book then she is the author for your selection.
Her goals for the future is to become a Family & Civil Rights Lawyer and to develop her own television production.

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On Writing Belle, I love showcasing every type of storytelling out there: from music and screenwriting, to penning novels and expressing imagination through poetry. This week, we're lucky to have author Kay Blake with us, a prolific romance novelist. Today, she's sharing a guest article focusing on an important topic: diversity in fiction. I love her enthusiasm and passion  for telling stories that so many readers can relate to, and I know my readers will, too. Diversity in modern fiction is a hot-button topic - plus, diversity is what makes the world go 'round! - and I think Kay has brought us a great article here on Writing Belle this week.

Below the article, you'll be able to check out all of her current publications - give them a try! You just might end up getting hooked! 

Diversity in Fiction
By Kay Blake

As a little girl growing up I read all the time. I always had to have a book in my hand, in my bag or wherever else I could sneak a book into. I was the girl that lived at the library and had personal relationships with the librarians simply because I loved the written word.
As I got older I realized that there were so many great books that I’ve gotten the chance to read, but very few of those books had people of color in them. Or better yet when you are a girl growing up in a place as diverse as New York City, it was hard to find books with people that looked like me.
I was always a quick reader and an advanced reader so by the age of 7, I was already reading books that fell into the adult category. And even with those stories that touched on all the emotions and books that some people were surprised I was even reading and all the characters were white. If there was a black character it was one who didn’t have good qualities or they were unimportant characters that were not really in there for a real purpose or so. Or again they were the kind that perpetrated bad stereotypes.
And then I think about the big debate there was when Noma Dumezweni was casted to play Hermione Granger and the big uproar. As an avid reader and diehard fan of the Harry Potter series, I was happy that she was casted. Why? Mostly because I related to Hermione in so many ways. She was brave and smart. And she loved her friends. She was absolutely brilliant. I related to her so much when I first read that series. And while I loved Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione, it was good as an adult to see a woman of color, a black woman play one of my absolute favorite characters in literature ever. Many people got to see a character they related to on such a personal level look like them. I think that was a big thing for me.
Now many years later as I write romance books, I try my hardest to include people of color. I think for the most part anyone who reads romance, wants a good love story. And I am a firm believer that all people want to find love and be loved. So, why can’t we show that with beautifully written and diverse characters in books? Is it really that complicated to see a person that doesn’t look like you find love like all the many white characters on the pages of written words? I had someone say that to me about 2 years ago, that she couldn’t read books with black women because she felt that she couldn’t relate to the character if she wasn’t white. I can’t pretend to understand that kind of logic because simple us women of color have been reading characters that did not look like us for years. It is a common sentiment of many women of color, we would read something and still find something that we related to even though we didn’t look like us. It made me question were we (women of color) that difficult to get? And then I realized that no, it was a narrow minded thing to say. They didn’t want to get out of their comfort zone and they didn’t want to accept that the world is diverse and it is diverse in literature too.
With my most recent release Free Me, my heroine is Puerto Rican and my hero is Korean American. I truly enjoyed writing them because not only did I get to be inclusive, but I got to learn many things about their culture along the way, and still gave them the HEA (happily ever after) that they deserved. And while most of the time I write sassy, smart black women as my heroines, I like to keep in mind that if a character comes to me, and they aren’t what I am, then I will do my best to give them a story they deserve. I think people see diversity as a phase and it isn’t a phase. People of color are here and we are here to stay. We aren’t going anywhere and most importantly our stories are true. They matter. We matter and we deserve to see ourselves depicted in fiction whether it’s television or literature. Let the things we read depict the reality of the world even if it is fiction. 

Check out ALL of Kay's books! 

Book 1: Second Time’s A Charm
She wasn’t supposed to still feel this way? 
Liz Alexander hasn’t been to New York City in six years. She left behind the life as she knew it and the man that broke her heart. When tragedy strikes, Liz is forced to go back and face the man she thought she no longer loved. 
Liam Parker hasn’t seen Liz since she packed her bags and moved across country. Now seeing Liz again after all this time made Liam realize that he would do anything to get the woman he loves back. 
Will the past get in the way? Or will their love have a second chance?

Book 2: Protecting Eden
An Interracial Romantic Suspense Novella.
Eden has always taken care of herself.  She didn’t need or accept any help from anyone. It’s always been that way. She finally thought her life was back on track until her boss was murdered in front of her.
After ending up in the hospital and finding out that the ones who killed her boss were still at large, Eden is sure that her best bet would be to get out of the city and fast.
Steven has been living his life one day at a time, battling the demons from his past.  When his old army buddy calls and asks for a favor, he is hesitant. Needing the money, begrudgingly he takes the job which requires that he keeps Eden safe.
With Eden being headstrong, and Steven worried that he may not be the right man for the job, they can’t deny that they are attracted to each other.
Can Steven get past his demons and work his way into Eden’s heart while keeping her safe? Can Eden let her guard down enough to trust Steven can take care of her and her heart?
Book Links:

Book 3: Catch Me If I Fall
I have reached rock bottom. The kind of bottom that is so dark, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing, but pain, loneliness, and helpless despair. I didn't picture my life going this way. I wasn't supposed to be unhappy and broken.
How can someone find the good in me when all the good I had was taken from me?

Helping people makes me feel good. I don't do it for any accolades. I do it because when I needed someone to talk to, when I needed someone to keep me from spiraling out of control, I found it.

From the first time I saw her, I knew that there was something about her. I didn't know what, but like a gravitational pull I wanted to know more about her even if she was here only to find some support for her grief.
Maybe I couldn't solve her problems, but I won't let her face them alone

Book 4: I Knew You Were Trouble
He seemed to be nothing but trouble.
Ally had something to prove. She wanted a new start. So, she took a job across the country to be the personal photographer to this up and coming rock band called Runnin on E. What she didn’t expect was to be captivated by the lead singer of the band Ethan Avery. Ethan’s blond hair, blue eyes and a voice that can melt the panties off of any woman spelled trouble. Big trouble. And after what she left behind she couldn’t afford any more.
But sometimes temptation is just too hard to resist.
Music was my only solace until I met her.
From the outside looking in, Ethan has everything. He’s the lead singer of the new rock band Runnin on E’. He has devastating good looks and women. Lots of women. But Ethan has his demons. He hides them behind the lyrics of his songs. New found fame is nice, but Ethan wants something more. He wants someone who knows there’s more to him than what meets the eye.
And that someone is Ally. She’s beautiful. She’s different. She sees him. All of him. And now he wants her more than he’s ever wanted anything.
Can he leave his past demons behind and have the future he never thought he deserved?

Book 5: Free Me
My biggest focus in life is taking the steps necessary to get back to the person I used to be. And dancing seems to be the only thing that’s keeping that part of me alive. I love dancing. Love it with my whole being.
And then there’s David. He’s different. He’s intriguing. And he is making me question all the things I’ve said about being in relationships.
I’m afraid of being hurt again. I’m afraid of failing like I’ve done before.
But maybe there is more room in my life for more than I originally thought.
I’m not going to lie, I don’t take much seriously. Life is to be lived and life is for having fun. And so, I do just that. I live my life the way I see fit, and I repeat that mantra every day.  No commitments. No attachments. Just uninhibited fun.
But then I literally bump into the most memorizing, woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
And now I’m torn between being the person I thought I wanted to be and wanting to be a better me for her. 

Book 6: Lost and Found (A Novelette)
Zoe Reynolds life is thrown in a tailspin when she catches her fiancĂ© sleeping with his receptionist. Reeling from his betrayal and wanting a change fast, she cuts her hair and purchases tickets to go on a seven day cruise to the Caribbean. All Zoe wanted was some fun in the sun and some time to paint. That was until she meets handsome but shy Donatello “Donnie” Carson a forensics investigator who is on the cruise only to appease his best friend. Donnie is still hung up over bitter loses in his life, but with Zoe he is able to start living again.
Though both have past wounds, sparks fly and their connection sends them on a whirlwind romance. Can Zoe and Donnie let go of the past and find solace in each other

Book 7: Breathe You (A Novelette)
A marriage on the rocks and one weekend!
Bree met Mason when he saved her from what could have been an unfortunate situation. They became friends, lovers, and then husband and wife.
After being separated for almost a year, they take up the suggestion of their marriage counselor to go away together for the weekend to try and reconnect.
Can these two work out their issues, and save their marriage?

About the Author 
Kay is an award winning author who writes sassy, sexy and sweet contemporary and interracial romance. She is from arguably the greatest city in the world. (New York). She is a sarcastic sweetheart who prefers snuggling at home with a good book. Kay is a mom of 3 cubs and a wife. Kay indulges in strawberry cheesecake, horror movies, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, wrestling and of course a happily ever after.
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