About Me

Hi! My name is Summer Lane. I'm a professional writer. I am the #1 bestselling author of 25+ books, including the novels of the hit Collapse Series and Resurrection Series. I also authored the popular Zero Trilogy, the Bravo Saga, and multiple spin-off novels within the Collapse universe like Vigilante and Unbreakable SEAL

I have worked extensively in writing and communications for the past 11 years. I started my own business when I was 17 years-old as a freelance writer. I published my first book when I was 19. I have worked as an on-staff journalist, a publicist, and a professional writing instructor. I still do all of these things, actually! I wear many hats, but my favorite title is writer

I am inspired by survival stories - stories of heroes rising up against unthinkable odds. Heroes with the spirit of rebellion. My greatest inspiration is the American War for Independence. I love history, and much of the Collapse Series was actually based on the wartime strategies of the Continental Army and local militias (hello, Lexington!) of that time. When I am not writing novels and managing my publishing company (Writing Belle Publishing), I am often engaged these days in writing intellectual, social, or theological commentaries. I am deeply inspired by the colonial-era approach of submitting intellectual, written protestations in response to social and legislative movements and revolutions. I admire deeply the argumentation and communication skill of Patrick Henry and many of the Founding Fathers. Because of my love for American history, don't be surprised to read a lot about it on my website. I love connecting the dots between the events of yesteryear and the events of the present. The two are not just connected - they are intrinsically linked. 

I am also a wife and mom. I live in rural California, surrounded by citrus, stone fruit, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We have one German Shepherd named Kona, along with 12 lovable barn cats.

My current Resurrection Series is set to conclude before the end of 2021. I am also launching a new series called the Legion Collection, a dystopian action-adventure featuring futuristic fighter pilots, military action, and lots of romance. 

I hope you enjoy visiting Writing Belle, and I always appreciate it when my stories and articles are shared with others. Feel free to email me with content ideas and suggestions. I often feature authors and editors on my website at no cost. I genuinely love working with creative people! 

My 2016 Wedding

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Get fictional - it's fun! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!