About Me

Hi! My name is Summer Lane. I'm a professional writer. I am the #1 bestselling author of 17  books and counting, including the novels of the hit Collapse Series. The series consists of 10 books: State of Emergency, State of Chaos, State of Rebellion, State of Pursuit, State of Alliance, State of Vengeance, State of Destruction, State of Fear, State of Allegiance and State of Hope.

Day Zero, the first installment in the novella companion stories to The Collapse Series - The Zero Trilogy - released October 10th, 2014, and the second chapter of the adventure, Day One, released March 20th, 2015. The final installment - End of Day - released on October 9th, 2015. All are ongoing bestsellers with readers from around the world. 

A graphic guide in the style of a comic book and graphic novel released July 17th, 2015. This book is called Collapse: The Illustrated Guide, illustrated  in collaboration with Oskari Niittymaki. It is a showcase of the apocalyptic world of Cassidy Hart from the Collapse Series.

Bravo: Apocalypse Mission was the first installment in a brand new two-part adventure series. This story follows the tale of a German Shepherd bomb dog in the Marines who becomes separated from his handler in the wake of the collapse of civilization. The first installment released April 22nd, 2016. It too, was a #1 national bestselling novel, and so was its conclusion, Blood Road, on October 21, 2016. 

I recently released Unbreakable SEAL, a military thriller and bestselling war adventure, detailing the journey of Commander Chris Young and his quest to avenge his wife's death. The book dropped on December 9, 2016.

I am working on my very first historical fiction project, Running with Wolves. I also have a non-fiction book in the works, Prolific: Writing a Hit Novel. Both books should release Fall 2017. 

A spin-off series from Collapse, The Resurrection Series, will be available January 2018.

Writing Belle is my online magazine. I own WB Publishing, a digital publishing house devoted to releasing exciting adventure and survival stories. I have been working in publishing and press relations since I was in high school, and I can't imagine doing anything else - and trust me, I've given the matter some serious thought. 

When I am not writing about the apocalypse, I am teaching writing classes. I am an experienced writing teacher, with an extensive background in journalism, as well.  
My husband and I in Hawaii.

I am a full-time novelist and business owner. I have a total of 17 books in print (with more to come!), and every single one has been a bestseller. I'm happily married to my wonderful and supportive husband, Scott.

Check out the FAQ page to learn more about me, and the worlds that I create in my books! 

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Get fictional - it's fun! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!