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Current 2017 Contest

To celebrate the release of my newest novel, State of Allegiance (Book #10 in the Collapse Series), I am giving away some fun prizes! 

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Grand Prize: 
Collapse Prize Pack 
$20 Amazon Gift Card, Collectible Collapse Tote Bag, Magnetic Cassidy Hart Calendar, Collapse Tee-Shirt, Special Edition Pen, Autographed Copy of Bravo: Apocalypse Mission, Bravo Plush and Wristband - plus personal note from the author. 

Runner Ups (x2) 
1. $10 Gift Card to Amazon 
2. $10 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Notes about my giveaways:
  1. If you don't respond to an email that says you won one of my giveaways within seven days, you can't claim your prize. I'm really sorry about this one, but if I didn't have this rule, people would be wanting prizes from three years ago that they forgot to claim. I can't hold onto things that long! 
  2. I'm not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. 
  3. If a giveaway is being hosted by an author or writer other than myself, I'm not responsible for the distribution of the prize. I'm just hosting their giveaway on my blog. 

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