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Are you an author? Editor? Cover artist? Entrepreneur? Reading enthusiast? Writing Belle is an online magazine dedicated to the art of storytelling, and subsequently spreading the love of that art form by featuring articles and interviews about all mediums of the story. I am constantly featuring independently published and small press published authors, and I'm always looking for up and coming talent. 

Writing Belle is an established publishing business, with its sister company WB Publishing, which published my national bestselling adventure books of The Collapse Series. If you would like your book, story, website, blog, magazine or writing workshop featured on Writing Belle, simply contact me! 
Here are the guidelines for sending me a feature request: 

  • Letter of introduction. (Who are you? Why are you contacting me?) 
  • My website is read widely by families, children and teachers, so please keep in mind when you submit to me that the content should be free of profanity and explicit sexual matter. 
  • I am especially interested in Young Adult and New Adult adventure stories, as well as survival and dystopian books. 
  • I feature authors, editors, artists, musicians, publicists, literary agents - everyone. If you have any insight at all into the world of storytelling, I'd like to have you. 

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