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Welcome to Writing Belle! Years ago, when I first started this website, I did a program called "Indie Monday," where I would feature one new independent author every Monday for the duration of my promotional program. I got to know a lot of really cool people during those years. It was really fun! 

This year, I'm running a promotional program here on Writing Belle. I'm offering a FREE featured post/spotlight article/guest post for ANY author, traditional or independent, here on Writing Belle until the end of the year. (Note: I have always featured authors for free, but I'm actually running a program to keep everything better organized this year!) 

Availability and booking is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

In order to get featured on Writing Belle, all you have to do is meet my few requirements and send me an email at:

Here are my guidelines. Read CAREFULLY: 

1. I will feature: Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Children's Women's, Psychological Thriller, Horror (Think Zombies or Ghosts, but nothing more graphic than that), Non-Fiction, Essays, Poetry, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, Survivalist, Romance and Science-Fiction/Fantasy. 
2. I will not feature you IF: Your content is erotic or profane. Your cover art must be appropriate for my website. I have a lot of kids and teachers who read WB's articles, so I only feature books at what I call a "PG-13" level and below - or you should be able to keep your content right about there for a feature, even if the book is "R." 
3. Make sure you have buy links ready to send me so I can set up your feature. 

That's it! Can't wait to meet you and discover your work! 

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