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Welcome to Writing Belle! Years ago, when I first started this website, I did a program called "Indie Monday," where I would feature one new independent author every Monday for the duration of my promotional program. I got to know a lot of really cool people during those years. It was really fun! 

These days, I've kicked the program into high gear. I feature both indie and traditional authors alike, in addition to artists, illustrators, poets, editors, agents, creative bloggers, and musicians. 

The 2018 Author Program ended with incredible success and involvement from writers all across the globe. I am now taking feature requests for 2019. I would love to get to know you and spotlight your work! It's free for you and fun for me - you'll get exposure to a half a million readers! 

Availability and booking is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Spots have been filled through April 2019. I am now filling spots for May and beyond. Filling up quickly - don't hesitate to contact me for a spot!

Here are my guidelines. Read CAREFULLY: 

1. I will feature: Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Children's, Middle Grade, Women's, Psychological Thriller, Horror (Think zombies or ghosts), Non-Fiction, Essays, Poetry, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, Survivalist, Romance and Science-Fiction/Fantasy. I love graphic novels and comic books, as well! I will also feature other book bloggers or creative spirits, such as artists, illustrators, designers, creative bloggers, and so forth.
2. I will not feature you IF: Your content is erotic or profane. Your cover art must be appropriate for my website. I have a lot of kids and teachers who read WB's articles, so I only feature books at what I call a "PG-13" level and below - or you should be able to keep your content right about there for a feature, even if the book is "R." 
3. Make sure you have buy links ready to send me so I can set up your feature. 

That's it! Can't wait to meet you and discover your work! 

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