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DAY ONE Cover Reveal and Release Date!

Title: Day One 
Series: Zero Trilogy #2 
Author: Summer Lane 
Publisher: WB Publishing 
Cover Art: Arkadiusz Ostrycharz 
Release Date: March 20th, 2015 


The apocalypse took everything from Elle: her family, her world and now...her friends. After escaping the ravaged streets of Los Angeles, Elle finds herself stranded alone in California when her friends are kidnapped by a new and dangerous enemy. Determined to rescue them from a horrible fate, Elle begins her trek across the unforgiving desert, into the mountains, and into Slaver Territory. 

All is not what it seems. Death lurks around every corner. Enemies are everywhere. 
With the help of a new and brave companion, Elle fights against all odds, clinging to hope and life. 
Day Zero is behind her. Day One is before her. 
The end of the world is just beginning. 

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Day One is the second installment in my bestselling Zero Trilogy - it continues the adventures of 15 year-old Elle in post-apocalyptic California. For those of you who have read The Collapse Series, you know that Elle's story eventually intertwines with Cassidy Hart's! This book is releasing on March 20th, 2015 - my first ever Spring Release! Mark your calendars!! I am SO excited to share this story, because it includes a character who I am incredibly excited to  bring into the apocalypse!! 


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I HEART ROBOT - Trailer Reveal and New Release by Suzanne Van Rooyan


I Heart Robot by Suzanne van Rooyen 
Published by: Month9Books
Publication dateMarch 31st 2015
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Tyri wants to be a musician and wants to be with someone who won’t belittle her musical aspirations.

Q-I-99 aka ‘Quinn’ lives in a scrap metal sanctuary with other rogue droids. While some use violence to make their voices heard, demanding equal rights for AI enhanced robots, Quinn just wants a moment on stage with his violin to show the humans that androids like him have more to offer than their processing power.

Tyri and Quinn’s worlds collide when they’re accepted by the Baldur Junior Philharmonic Orchestra. As the rift between robots and humans deepens, Tyri and Quinn’s love of music brings them closer together, making Tyri question where her loyalties lie and Quinn question his place in the world. With the city on the brink of civil war, Tyri and Quinn make a shocking discovery that turns their world inside out. Will their passion for music be enough to hold them together while everything else crumbles down around them, or will the truth of who they are tear them apart?

I'm a YA author with a penchant for the dark and strange. I primarily write speculative fiction but enjoy literary writing as well. I occasionally delve into adult genres too.

I'm a musician and have a Master's degree in music, but I prefer writing strange stories, baking peanut butter cupcakes and playing with my shiba inu.

I'm repped by Jordy Albert of the Booker Albert Agency.

Publicity manager for Anaiah Press.

Author links:

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Granted Wishes, A Story of Romance

Granted Wishes
By Tanya Vought
Publisher: Booktrope
Published: February 23, 2015
Genre: Romance

A decision that will change her life forever.
After the loss of her husband, Gracelynn Calhoun has struggled with her life and career. Forced to take a four week vacation or be fired from her job, she surprises everyone including herself and agrees to the vacation.
The owner of Antonetti Suites, Giovanni works hard and doesn’t have time for relationships or love. That is until he literally crashes into Gracelynn. She brings back all the feelings he thought he would never feel again.
With the odds stacked against them in every way possible, will they forge ahead together or will this be the end of the road for their newfound love? Will the whispers from above bring them together or will misunderstandings ruin what could be an amazing second chance at love?

Author Bio


Tanya Vought is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading, writing, singing and doing crafts with her children. What started as a lifelong dream became reality. She’s overjoyed that readers will get to read her debut, Granted Wishes. She loves her characters sexy and sassy. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two amazing and imaginative children.

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Fight to the last drop of blood. BREAKING SKY, by Cori McCarthy - Win Copies!

Breaking Sky
Sourcebooks Fire
March 2015 ● ISBN: 9781492601418
Hardcover/$16.99 ● Ages 14+

Fly to the last drop of fuel. Fight to the last drop of blood.
Showoff. Reckless. Maverick. Chase Harcourt, call sign “Nyx”, isn’t one to play it safe. In the year 2048, America is locked in a cold war – and the country’s best hope is the elite teen fighter pilots of the United Star Academy. Chase is one of only two daredevil pilots chosen to fly an experimental “Streaker” jet. But few know the pain and loneliness of her past. All anyone cares about is that Chase aces the upcoming Streaker trials, proving the prototype jet can knock the enemy out of the sky.
But as the world tilts toward war, Chase cracks open a military secret. There’s a third Streaker, whose young hotshot pilot, Tristan, can match her on the ground and in the clouds. And Chase doesn’t play well with others. But to save her country, she may just have to put her life in the hands of the competition.

Sneak Peek:

The boxers were really going at it. The taller of the two was a girl who Chase knew all too well. Leah Grenadine.
Better known by her call sign, Sylph.
Sylph’s thick blond braid whipped like a stinging tail with each punch she threw. Her toned arms were scaled with sweat, but she showed no sign of tiring, which sucked because she was simply destroying the other fighter. He was also all too familiar.
Asian American. Adorable. Tanner Won.
Chase found herself swearing on a loop. Not again.
One of Tanner’s eyes was swollen, and his shoulders folded in to protect his chest. Sylph slammed him over and over until he fell to his knees, coughing for breath. She adjusted her gloves like she had a few more rounds left in her, and Chase ducked under the rope and stood between them.

About the Author
CORI MCCARTHY studied poetry and screenwriting before falling in love with writing for teens at Vermont College of Fine Arts. From a military family, Cori was born on Guam and lived a little bit of everywhere before she landed in Michigan. Learn more about her books at

Praise for Breaking Sky:
“Strong characterizations, action, adventure, and emotion combine to produce a sci-fi novel that is more than just the sum of its parts.” —School Library Journal STARRED Review
“Smart, exciting, confident—and quite possibly the next Big Thing.” —Kirkus Reviews
“McCarthy deploys breath-stopping depictions of high-stakes piloting with enviable ease, and the in-your-face personal confrontations are nearly as taut.” —Publishers Weekly
Buy Links:
Great Lakes Book & Supply – Cori McCarthy’s Local Indie! 
(Pre-order here and receive a personalized signed copy.)

(Courtesy of Sourcebooks)

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TEACHER BEWARE: Interview with Charlotte Raine, Suspense Author

Meet Charlotte Raine. After fifteen years of working in marketing and advertising, she decided to follow her true love: writing. Charlotte is the author of the Grace Ellery Series, romantic suspense novels that will keep your pulse pounding as you hang tightly to the edge of your seat. I came across the first installment in Charlotte's series, Teacher Beware, a few weeks ago, and Charlotte graciously took the time to visit with Writing Belle and talk about her work. 

Hello and welcome to Writing Belle! Let's start with you. Who are you, where do you live and how did you come to be a writer after working in marketing for 15 years (according to your bio on GoodReads)? 

My name is Charlotte Raine and I live in Vail, Colorado.  

I’ve always had a passion for writing even since I was a little girl.  In college I really enjoyed my creative writing classes, and for a while wanted to be a writer straight out of college.  However, life took over and I ended up getting an advertising job and later got into marketing.  Before I knew it, 10+ years had passed by and I wanted to get the passion back I had in college.

A few years ago I started getting serious about writing.  I read all the books I could in my favorite genre (suspense) and read even more books on how to write.  I made a good amount of money in marketing and had a good nest egg saved up.  This allowed me to take the plunge and start writing.  I gave myself three years to get serious and I’m well on the way.  I’m just starting year two now and I couldn’t be happier.

Which book did you publish first, and how many have you published total? 

After a few failed attempts at short stories, I finally worked up the courage to release my first book “Do You Want To Play.”  It’s a suspense, police procedural story.

A friend helped me come up with the initial outline for this book.  We sat on my back porch, had a couple bottles of wine and there was no turning back after that.  She held me to getting a book published before the end of 2014 and I did.  Do You Want To Play went live on Amazon in November.  

I had to learn a lot about publishing on Amazon.  Compared to how publishing used to be, Amazon makes it easy, but there is still a pretty good learning curve.

I have three books currently available, they are, Do You Want To Play, Teacher Beware and Disturbed Mind.  I just finished up my forth book Midnight Sun which will be released on February 23rd of this year.  After that, I am going to start on my fifth book and hopefully keep going.  My goal this year is to release a new story every 45-60 days.

I want to talk about Teacher Beware. What's the plot line and how did you come up with the idea? 

While doing research back in 2013 and 2014 I came across two types of writing structures that I thought would fit my style.  The seven point structure and the golden triangle structure.  When I created the first outline and character bios (which you can see if you sign up to my newsletter) I did a mashup of these two structures.  

I’m now using my own hybrid of those two and I just love it.

The plot for Teacher Beware is something like this…

Grace Ellery was a teacher in Ohio when she was attacked and stabbed by one of her students.  When she moves to Murray, Virginia to start over she quickly finds herself in between a killer and his target.  After the killer finishes his work he turns his attention to Grace who is luckily saved by Sam Meadows before the killer can shot her too.  Now with the killer after her, Grace and Sam must find a way to keep her safe and figure out who the real murderer is before he sets his crosshairs on Grace.

I got the idea for this plot from a friend of mine in college.  She became a teacher and actually had a pretty scary (near death) encounter with a student.  Everything turned out ok for her, thank god, but she is still scared of big knives to this day and doesn’t go near them.

What is it like writing suspenseful fiction? 

It’s very liberating.  

When I was in marketing I was constantly on the go.  Non-stop meetings, I had to keep up with the latest and greatest, act quickly, implement changes and be tied to my phone, email and communications.

That’s not how things work now!

Since leaving my marketing career, I have found an inner peace I haven’t known in years.  I think meditation helps with that LOL.

When I sit down to write my mind is clear from distractions and I can just let it wonder and imagine anything it would like.  Ideas and thoughts just flow and I either put them down on paper or type them into my Mac.  I find myself carrying around a small notepad everywhere I go now.

I draw on inspiration from my surroundings.  If you visit my FB page you’ll see some photo’s from around my house and when I get stuck I just stop and stare outside.  I’m blessed, it’s so amazing and peaceful here.

I’m always looking to increase the suspense level of my stories.  I feel that with each book it gets better and my goal is to be a best selling suspense author and be on the New York Times list one day!

Do you watch a lot of suspense TV/movies and read thrilling books? Who are your biggest influences in writing? 

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do it is mostly LMN type movies or shows.

I try to read at least two books a month in various genres.  Mostly, suspense but I’ve been known to read a dystopian or horror book now and again!

My biggest influencer would have to be Stephen King.  He is the master story teller and his book about writing called “On Writing” is just amazing.  Another newer writer that I’m a big fan of is Paul Pilkington.  His stories are very engaging and I’ve read a bunch of them.

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

I’m really a homebody.  I like cooking, gardening and DIY home decor stuff.  When I do get out I like going to farmers markets for fresh produce, and can spend all day in a used book store.  Aside from that, I meditate everyday, and purchase a ski pass every year for the hills around my house here in Colorado.

In your opinion, what is the "secret ingredient" that makes for a good suspense story? 

I’m not sure if you would call it a secret but more of a passion for creating characters that keep the reader guessing.  I try to keep the reader in some stage of uncertainty during the story.  Throw in a dash of emotion and I think that’s a winning formula…I hope…hehehe. 

What's your advice for aspiring suspense writers? Any new projects coming up this year? 

I think my advice would be a straight ripoff from Nike…Just Do It.  If you want to write, just sit down and do it.  Then do it again the next day, and the next, and just keep going.

You’ll miss a day or two for sure, we are all human and things happen.  But, after that “something” happens you need to get back to writing.

I am about to release a new two book series.  The first book Midnight Sun will be out by the end of the month and the follow up will be called Devil’s Dawn and will be released in March.

Pre-Order Midnight Sun, Charlotte's upcoming release, on Amazon!

About Charlotte Raine 
Charlotte Raine is the author of several romantic suspense books with more on the way. She worked in marketing and advertising for 15 years before focusing on her true passion, telling great stories. Charlotte gets inspiration for her writing from the scenic but serene mountains around her home in Vail, Colorado.

When she is not writing you will find her after a long day of skiing at one of the many lodges in Vail. She will most likely be next to a warm fire, drinking a glass of wine and telling stories.

if you would like to hear more about Charlotte's books, be sure to join her SPAM FREE mailing list here:

Connect With Charlotte:

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99 Cent Sale for Bestselling Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper) by Ruth Silver
Published: November 25, 2014
Publisher: Booktrope
  Forget everything you know about grim reapers.
Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she’s brutally murdered.
Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper. She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death.   Now includes the prequel Ashes to Ashes as a bonus story in the Booktrope edition. Available in eBook & Paperback.

Dead Girl Walking
ON SALE FOR JUST 99 cents!!!


  “Listen, kid, I don’t care what you believe in. It’s not for me to say what’s true and untrue, real or unreal. My assignment was you. You get to be one of us, if you want it. Otherwise, you move on, life is over, kaput.” Ophelia backed away from the stranger. For the first time, she realized she didn’t feel cold and wasn’t shivering. Is this what being dead was like? “One of you?” “A grim reaper.” He held out his hand to properly introduce himself. “Edon Montgomery, head reaper and old soul.”   [caption id="attachment_10212" align="aligncenter" width="541"]Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper) 
Licensed to Ruth Silver, used by permission of author

Author Interview
Do you have any plans to write a spin-off for Aberrant? Yes! I am currently working on an untitled project that is a prequel, spin-off. I haven't spoken much about it, but I will say there is plenty of action and a world to explore that we've barely touched in the Aberrant trilogy. What are you currently working on? I've got several writing projects underway. Forget Me Knot (Royal Reaper 2) is in edits right now with an expected Spring 2015 release. I'm also writing steamy adult fiction under the name Ravyn Rayne, which will be available this year as well. You can find those projects on Ravyn Rayne Reads. Do you have a full-time job? Writing and marketing my own novels is my full-time job. It involves far more than 40 hours a week, but I love it, so I don't mind.  

About the Author

1 lo res
Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of the Aberrant trilogy. With a passion for writing and a love of story-telling, Ruth is actively writing two series: Royal Reaper and Orenda. Her interests also include traveling, reading, and photography. Her favorite vacation destination is Australia. Ruth currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and her book blog Write Away Bliss.

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Why Are Men Only 20% of Fiction Readers? Guest Article by Leonce Gaiter

What's the real difference in the demographics between men and women when it comes to reading? Surveys would suggest that about 20% of the word-loving world belongs to men, while the rest is dominated by the female crowd. Wondering why this is? Honestly, I have no idea. But Leonce Gaiter does. Leonce is the author of In The Company of Educated Men, as well as a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and an alum of Harvard University. Leonce pondered this interesting subject in a guest article that he has graciously agreed to share with Writing Belle. Enjoy!  

Why Men Opt Out of the Fiction World

Fewer and fewer men read fiction.  They compose only about 20% of the fiction market according to surveys. Some lay this off to genetics, suggesting that the way men’s minds work discourages them from entering into another’s experience the way fiction demands.

“Boys and men are, in general, more convergent and linear in their thinking; this would naturally draw them towards non-fiction,” wrote author Darragh McManus, pondering the question.

Others, like Jason Pinter, suggest that the overwhelmingly female publishing industry simply overlooks books that appeal to men because they fall outside the female experience.  In other words, men now suffer the same fate women suffered at the hands of a male-dominated publishing industry for so many years—and payback’s a bi**h.

Others suggest that boys are discouraged from reading at a young age by children’s books that fail to engage them.  Give them the proper material, the story goes, and young boys will engage with reading.  As proof, they point to the fact that young males were principal consumers of the Harry Potter books.  “More boys than girls have read the Harry Potter novels, according to U.S. publisher, Scholastic.  What’s more, Harry Potter made more of an impact on boys' reading habits. Sixty-one percent agreed with the statement ‘I didn't read books for fun before reading Harry Potter,’ compared with forty-one percent of girls.”

I always balked at these rationales because I, and men I know, read fiction all the time.  However, thinking on it, I had to admit that I avoid modern fiction like the plague.  I have tried the popular plot-thick page-turners and the feel-good tearjerkers and the occasional cause celebre with a literary reputation.  So many have left me so cold, that I simply won’t shell out the cash for a paperback or ebook version, much less a hardcover. 

Trying to assess what I found lacking in most of the current novels I attempt, I find their utter reliance on the world around them (and me) supremely dull.  So many work so hard to place characters in a world I will recognize.  Too many work too hard to create characters with which I (or their prime demographic audience) will ‘identify,’ and recognize as someone they could be, or someone they know. 

It then made sense that men would ask why they should read something “made up” about this world when there was plenty of factual reading material on that subject.  I have never approached fiction to re-visit “this world.”  I’m already here.  Instead, I want an alternative—a vision of this world exhaled through the writers’ and characters’ hearts, minds and eyes.  Exhaled with the distinction of the smell of an individual’s breath.  Fitzgerald’s Long Island in The Great Gatsby is his own creation, no kitchen sink recreation.  Fitzgerald’s people and prose warp this place into something utterly unique. 

Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles is his distinctive projection of that city. You don’t pick up Jim Thompson’sThe Killer Inside Me with the idea of identifying with the protagonist.  You don’t grab Faulkner to meet the boys next door or titter with recognition of your kith and kin.  You don’t visit Patricia Highsmith or Mary Renault to look in a mirror.  You pick them up to enter worlds as fantastical in their way as Harry Potter’s.  I read fiction to meet characters I otherwise would not.  I read fiction for the larger than life—not a retread of this one.  I want to watch and think with characters who are nothing like me, who dare what I never would, who experience in ways that I cannot. 

In an article titled, “Why Women Read More Than Men,” NPR quoted Louann Brizendine, author of The Female Brain, suggesting a biological reason why women read more fiction than men:

The research is still in its early stages, but some studies have found that women have more sensitive mirror neurons than men. That might explain why women are drawn to works of fiction, which by definition require the reader to empathize with characters.

Reading fiction does not require that you empathize with characters in the sense of “ascribing… feelings or attitudes present in oneself.”  It requires that you regard and grow intrigued by characters such that you may come to a greater understanding of them—perhaps even to the point of empathizing with them.  However, you need not imagine yourself as them, or believe that they behave as you or as members of your social circle would. That’s not reading; it’s narcissism.

Perhaps more men stopped reading fiction when fiction stopped regularly presenting unique, literary revisions of this world, and settled for presenting a photographic facsimile such that readers (most of them female) could better “empathize.”  Maybe we’re too megalomaniacal and obsessed with grandeur for that, and thus want words recreated and re-imagined, instead of rehashed. 

“Shall I project a world,” asks Oedipa Maas in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49?  Somewhere along the line, in tandem with the female domination of the publishing industry and fiction readership, the ideal of doing so fell from vogue.  Instead, writers rely more and more on identification with this one.  Male readers seem to have checked out.


Leonce Gaiter is a prolific African American writer and proud Harvard Alum. His writing has appeared in the NYTimes, NYT Magazine, LA Times, Washington Times, and Washington Post, and he has written two novels.  His newly released novel, In the Company of Educated Men, ( is a literary thriller with socio-economic, class, and racial themes.
In the company of Educated Men

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900 Miles - Zombie Apocalypse Author S. Johnathan Davis

Zombies are kind of taking over the world. At least, that's what is happening in S. Johnathan Davis' novel, 900 Miles. For post-apocalyptic junkies like myself, this premise is as fascinating as it is terrifying. Davis is the author of both 900 Miles and 900 Minutes, bestselling zombie novels that feature two regular guys duking it out against the brain-eating undead. Sound fun? Well, let's put it this way: if zombies do come around in the near future, Davis will definitely be prepared. 

Zombies. I have interviewed quite a few post-apocalyptic authors over the years and zombies are often an integral part of disaster stories (though definitely not always!). What drew you to zombies? 

It’s funny, I’ve been a fan on this genre since I was a kid. My brother and I used to stay up late to catch any kind of zombie movie we could get our hands on. We’d watch some of the greats like Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead… and then some of the not so greats.  But loved them all the same. 

I know there is a ton of “modern” zombie material.  Books, Movies, video games… they’re all great. However, in the end I guess my love for the zombie is really kind of a nostalgia thing for me. I’ve simply got fond memories of those late nights doing something I probably shouldn’t have been doing…. and enjoying every minute of it. 

Tell me about 900 Miles. When did you write it, and when did you release it? 

900 Miles seems like it happened really fast.  It took me maybe 9 months of on and off writing to get the manuscript complete. The story itself was picked up by Severed Press almost immediately (they were one of the first publishers I queried), and it was published in January of 2013.  

I’ll note that I had nooo idea what I was doing. 900 Miles was my first book. I’m sure I made mistakes with the process.  However, that’s really what I think makes it something that people relate with. It’s imperfect, like a lot of us. 

How did you come up with the character of John (the main protagonist)? What’s your favorite trait of his - and your least favorite trait?

John is a cynic, and I love writing the one-liners that spout out of his head.  His points of view on Corporate America create a ton of fun parallels to the collapse of society and the zombie apocalypse. It’s just a fun target to shoot at.  However, I think my favorite times writing about John are his interactions with Kyle. Those seem to create the best dialogue, and really give me a chance to bring them both to life. 

At the same time, Johns cynicism can come off like he’s complaining about things.  Complaining about people, the world, etc. It’s part of him though, so I stay  true to it. 

As for how did I come up with his character? John’s a normal guy, not a rambo type.  He’s thrust into a crazy world under crazy circumstances.  I guess I thought a lot about how I’d react in a world gone to hell.  That made it easier. 

You chose to begin the story in New York. Why? 

Funny actually, I was on a plane heading to NY when I came up with the high level concept.  Flying over the city, I remember thinking about how screwed I’d be if there was a natural catastrophe.  So many people, and I was so far away from home.  Later on, when I sat down to write, it just seemed like NY would be the craziest possible place you could be if the dead started to rise…. and I was going for worst-case-scenario. 

As for the character of Kyle - John’s companion in the novel - where did the inspiration for his character come from? 

I guess I pulled pieces and parts of Kyle out of a bunch of my friends. His loyalty, his humor, his ability to fight - they’re all different traits from people I know.  However, in the end, I really wanted this to be a story of friendship. A story where despite the horror, a couple of guys can still sit back and grab a beer in the middle of it all. That’s just cool to me. 

I'm wondering if you've seen The Walking Dead. Are you a fan of the show? 

Yep, big fan of the show and the graphic novel. Writing zombie fiction, I almost have to watch it. They do so many things across both mediums, and it’s getting harder and harder to write anything in this genre without someone comparing my story to theirs.  Best I can do is try to avoid similar plot lines or big obvious similarities.  

I’ve actually had to go back and re-write whole sections of my books just to avoid that duplication.  As an example, in 900 Minutes, there is a scene that I originally wrote about a “bad-guy” force having a tank outside of a “good-guy” stronghold.  

Well, if you’ve seen the set of episodes with the Governor storming the prison in the Walking Dead… you’ll know why I had to re-write my scenes.  

What’s your advice to people who are writing post-apocalyptic fiction? 

Focus on the story not the gore or the action. There is a place for gore and action, but it’s within a good story. If you can create a compelling world with compelling characters who have some sort of compelling goal. You’ll have a good chance to win with your audience. 

Tell me about the sequel to 900 Miles - 900 Minutes. 

I think writing about the beginning of the apocalypse is easy. A clearly exciting part of any zombie story. Really, that is what 900 Miles was all about.  

Keeping the story going after the initial days or weeks is the trick.  For me, the approach to this was really focusing in on the conflict between Man. Now don’t get me wrong, zombies are a huge part of the story. However, the human conflict is what drives the story for 900 miles. 

This made it really interesting to write. Very cool opportunity to expand on some characters that were introduced in the first book!  I think there is a good evolution in the main characters as well. Sometimes who you are in those first days isn’t who you are a year later.  

Any future writing projects planned? 

After a bunch of research and brainstorming, I just started writing a new story. It’s going to be apocalyptic fiction… which is really what I love to write. However, this time around, I really want to write something a little more cerebral. Still working through the synopsis, but it will have everything that the fans of my stories have enjoyed :) 

As for the 900 Miles series, I’m going to pause for right now.  I feel like it ended in a good spot, however I’ve love to revisit it at some point.  In my head, I’ve been thinking it would be a lot of fun to explore a story that would be about Tyler - say 20 years in the future.  Could create a chance for a whole bunch of cool “future" zombie ideas that I could cook up :)

Thank you for joining us today! Best of luck in all of your writing endeavors! 

Ya, this has been great.  Thanks for taking the time to do the interview!

About the Author 
S. Johnathan Davis has been published by Severed Press, Kings Way Press and Luzifer-Verlag. He is best known for publishing apocalyptic horror.
Davis released his first novel, 900 Miles, in January of 2013. The book debuted at number one on Amazon’s Top New Books list for weeks after the initial launch, and remained in the top 100 in Occult Horror on Amazon for over eight months.
Often found at conventions, blogging online and podcasting on the horror / zombie topics, Davis is also an active member of the Horror Writers Association – a prestigious group of writers and readers dedicated to all that is horror.
Davis resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two children.
Author Links