Monday, April 17, 2017

AS WE KNOW IT: Action/Adventure by Carrie Butler! (And Guest Post!)

Title: As We Know It
Author: Carrie Butler
: Adult
Genres: Action / Adventure (Disaster) & Romantic Suspense
Release: December 2016

About the Book

Deep beneath the ocean, stretching hundreds of miles alongside the Pacific Northwest coastline, lies the Cascadia subduction zone—a fault on the verge of unleashing a catastrophic earthquake, thirty times more powerful than the San Andreas. Unfortunately, like most tourists, Elena Cordova is oblivious.
She’s got her own pent-up stress to deal with, a humiliating breakup that’s driven her to end her tenure as a human doormat once and for all. So, when a pickpocket makes off with the last remnant of her relationship, she takes action—only to get trapped with him when disaster strikes.
Now, if either one hopes to survive, they’ll have to get past their initial impressions and work together . . . because in fifteen minutes, half the town will be underwater.

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Guest Post by Carrie Butler!

If I had to guess, I'd bet most of you have heard of the San Andreas fault. For years, it's been hyped as some kind of doomsday crack in the earth's crust, waiting to unleash "The Big One" on California. But did you know the west coast faces a far greater threat to the north?
The Cascadia Subduction Zone lies deep beneath the ocean, stretching hundreds of miles alongside the coastline. When it next ruptures—which could be any day now—it could produce a catastrophic earthquake, thirty times more powerful than the San Andreas. Thirty times! That puts it in the same league as Sumatra (2004) and Tōhoku (2011), two of the deadliest seismic events in recorded history. Yet, most of our nation hadn't heard of it until Kathryn Schulz’s Pulitzer-winning article in The New Yorker.


Aside from a few gems, like Sandy Doughton's Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest, there's nothing out there on the subject—nothing that speaks to people outside of scientific circles. I knew I had to try and contribute to its awareness somehow, so I decided to write a first-person account of the disaster unfolding. What I didn't realize then was how invested I, and so many others, would become in these characters.

This book, above all others I've written, has truly taken on a life of its own. We’ve got our heroine, a second-generation Spanish American who's on vacation to escape the fallout of an abusive relationship; and then we've got our hero, a homeless veteran, struggling with PTSD and alcohol dependence. On paper, they’re so different. They’re coming from such different places. But when disaster strikes, trapping them together, a friendship develops on this raw, human level. It's uncertain and contentious and... filled with such fervent need.

From there, we see them fight to survive everything folks are going to face in real life, i.e. the earthquake, tsunami, aftershocks, scarcity, landslides, violence, isolation, etc. It sounds morbid, but there's real grit in there. People have this enduring, dimensional capacity to still seek humor amidst grief and love amidst chaos. I cannot wait for you guys to read it.

Thank you for having me, Summer! :)

About the Author

Carrie Butler is an award-winning author and the owner of Forward Authority full-service studio—not to mention an inbound-certified marketer with a penchant for superhero socks and Firefly. Time away from her desk is spent playing with her rescue pup, yelling at the TV during hockey season, and indulging in target-based recreation. Otherwise, you’re likely to find her glued to her chair, discovering new ways to share her daydreams...

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Monday, April 10, 2017

B.R. Kingsolver: CHAMELEON ASSASSIN (Series 1&2)

 Book 1, Chameleon Assassin

Author: B.R. Kingsolver 
Release: Now Available! 


Libby is a mutant, one of the top burglars and assassins in the world. For a price, she caters to executives’ secret desires. Eliminate your corporate rival? Deliver a priceless art masterpiece or necklace? Hack into another corporation’s network? Libby’s your girl. 

Climate change met nuclear war, and humanity lost. The corporations stepped in, stripping governments of power. Civilization didn’t end, but it became less civilized. There are few rules as corporations jockey for position and control of assets and markets. 

In the year 2200, the world has barely recovered the level of technology that existed before the ice melted and the subsequent wars. Corporate elites live in their walled estates and skyscraper apartments while the majority of humanity supplies their luxuries. On the bottom level, the mutants, the poor, and the criminals scramble every day just to survive.

Urban Fantasy set 200 years in the future.

Book 2, Chameleon Uncovered

The dark sequel to the best-selling Chameleon Assassin.
Author: B.R. Kingsolver 
Release: Available Now!


Libby has a chance to build a legitimate reputation when she’s hired by one of the world’s most prestigious museums to bolster their security. The gig is in Chicago, where her heartthrob lives, so she hopes for a little romance. 

She's on a first-name basis with larceny, mayhem, and death, but Libby's not used to being on the receiving end. Chicago is far darker and more dangerous than her native Toronto. Amidst terrorist bombings, stolen treasure, and murder, a mutant prophet calls for revolution. Away from her family and friends, Libby has nowhere to turn as enemies assault her from all sides. 

Their mistake. Libby is a dangerous enemy.

About the Author
BR Kingsolver, author of the Telepathic Clans and Chameleon Assassin series, grew up surrounded by writers, artists, myths, and folklore in Santa Fe, The City Different, in the Land of Enchantment.

After living all over the US and exploring the world--from Amsterdam to the Romanian Alps, and Russia to the Rocky Mountains--Kingsolver trades time between Baltimore and Albuquerque. With an education in nursing and biology and a Master's degree in business, Kingsolver has done everything from construction to newspaper editor and jewelry to computers.

Kingsolver, a passionate lifetime skier, currently spends time writing and working with computers while living nine blocks from the harbor in Baltimore as servant in residence to a very demanding cat.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017


The Makeup Test
Vanessa M. Knight
Publication date: April 4th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Parker Breckinridge is a sophomore in college and already running her own internet cosmetics business. She doesn’t apologize for her successes—or anything else. She’s worked hard to get what where she is. She’s had to. It’s not like there was anything else in her life, despite her rich family.
Cade Adler doesn’t do relationships—especially relationships with uptight princesses. Been there. Done that. Destroyed the T-shirt. Besides, what with working full-time as a police officer and going to school, who has time for women? Not him.
With his tattoos and overall attitude, Cade is exactly what Parker doesn’t need. And between her father’s money and her piss-poor attitude, Parker is exactly what Cade doesn’t need.
So why is it they can’t stay apart?

Author Bio:
Vanessa M. Knight has always enjoyed writing and once she found romance, she was addicted. She props her laptop in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, son and menagerie of 4-pawed, claw-babies (AKA cats and dogs.) That laptop has partnered-in-crime to write contemporary romances with a dash of humor and splash of snark.
When she has a few moments to spare, you can find her singing off key (but she assures us it’s still considered singing), reading, kickboxing or killing a few brain cells as she stares at the many sitcoms and dramas available through the Internet and TV.
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: Exclusive from Joey Pinkney!

Title: Children in the City of Fallen Towers
Author: Joey Pinkney 
Buy It Now: Amazon 


This historical-fiction piece peeks into the post-9/11 life of a Puerto Rican preteen named Mia and her big brother Carlos. Their only refuge is Abuela Mendez and her one-bedroom apartment in East Harlem. While Mia struggles to make sense of  the loss of her mother, Carlos attempts to shield Mia from Abuela Mendez’s heavy-handed way of keeping order in her household.

Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: a short story is like a modern-day, adult fairy tale - complete with a princess, a broken heart, a desperate situation, an unlikely villain and a force of good. This drama takes less than twenty minutes to read and also includes an in-depth Author’s Note, Selected Links and more (3,050 word story, plus a 1,050 word bonus Author's Note).

Special Excerpt

Going on her third hour at the only window facing Ground Zero, Mia never took her eyes off the gray smoke that stole the sky’s blueness. Even though the window was sealed shut from layers of paint, the stench of smoke and fear mingled everywhere.

Without turning from her view, Mia said, “She’s your mama, too...”

“But, you want to know one thing about her being my mama?” asked Carlos.

“What...” Mia’s reply came across as a command, just as she intended.

Catching his breath after finally releasing some of his pent up energy, Carlos placed his palms gently on Mia’s window sill. Sweat started to bead across his face as his heart rate slowed down.

“What do you mean what? Why you say it like that?” Carlos’ questions were more like playful challenges.

“Just tell me.” Mia’s distance was unshakable.

“Listen.” Carlos stood up straight. “I don’t have time to talk to you like you’re a baby. I want you to hear what I’m saying now so you can use it later.”

Before Carlos could get his thoughts together, Mia inserted, “I got a question.”


“Why do you say my mama?” Mia gazed at him with a darkness in her eyes beyond her years. “And not our mama?”

“Well...” Carlos sighed and looked away.

“I need to know that for later, too, right? Because you said...”

“I know what I said. But...” Carlos turned away from Mia.

“But what? Tell me that. You are telling me everything else about Mama. Tell me that.”

“OK. Listen.” Carlos took a deep breath and turned back to Mia. “I’m only going to say this once. And once only. Do you understand?”


“Your- Our- Mama…” He took another deep breath.

About the Author

Joey Pinkney strives to push his creative boundaries by crafting compelling short stories. Early in his literary life, he was given a set of Childcraft books and the Encyclopedia Britannica by his parents, which laid the foundation for a deep love of the written word. Although much of the information in the encyclopedia was over his head, he simply enjoyed the idea of reading the words. Naturally, as he got older the information began to make more and more sense.

In 2009, his short story “Like Father, Like Son” was included in The Soul of a Man: A Triumph of My Soul Anthology. The anthology went on to win “Best Short Story/Best Anthology” at the African American Literary Awards that same year. His short story “Maxine” won him his very first Kindle ebook reader in 2011 when he entered that story into the MyQOTD Kindle Short Story Competition.

Realizing he had a knack for writing short stories, in 2015 Pinkney decided to write standalone short stories for publication. His fast fiction reflects a quirky sense of humor and attention to often overlooked details in everyday life. He strives to produce tales that readers consider to be offbeat yet familiar. His stories, in part, are fueled by chocolate.

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