Monday, May 16, 2011

The Eternal Ones

The Eternal Ones
"What if Love refused to die?" That's the tag line for Kirsten Miller's first foray into the world of Young Adult fiction. What happens when two soul mates are reincarnated in the twenty-first century? Not to mention that Prince Charming happens to be a millionaire and his love is a girl from Tennessee. It's a long story.


Haven Moore has visions. More accurately, she has visions of the life she used to live. And the life before that. As the reincarnated lover of Ethan Evans, she sometimes struggles to remember who and what is going on in her life. Ethan Evans has reincarnated as the celebrity playboy Iain Morrow and Haven Moore runs off to New York to find him and live happily ever after. Or so she thinks.

Pros and Cons

Eternal love and devotion is obviously an appealing theme, because pretty much everybody yearns for it. Kirsten Miller is known for writing the popular tween mystery adventure series of Kiki Strike. While I was at first hesitant to see how she was going to make the jump from tweens to more mature topics, I was pleasantly surprised. She writes with a lot of emotion. Her characters certainly are real in lots of ways. However, some aspects are unbelievable - like Haven jetting off to Italy after having known Iain for day? I also was very disappointed with the ending of the book. It seemed to simply stop a few paragraphs too soon.
You be the judge.

The Bottom Line

Teenage girls never tire of reading romance novels with perfect boyfriends and the brooding, lurking rival trying to win the main character over to his side. This novel has plenty of romance and intrigue. It's 411 pages long, a very easy read.

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