Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Warrior Heir

The Warrior Heir

Jack has a problem. He just found out that he's a mystical warrior who has supernatural powers. For most 16 year-olds, such a revelation would be pretty awesome. Not for Jack. Nearly every Wizard, Enchanter and evil force on the planet is after his blood, and it's all because he is The Warrior Heir.


This is the first book in Cinda Williams Chima's trilogy. The Warrior Heir centers on the adventure that Jack has to endure after he finds out that he is a Warrior. Wizards and illegal magic traders are on his trail, determined to play him in the Game, a gladiator-like arena where two warriors fight to the death. As expected, Jack isn't too crazy about the prospect of dying in front of several hundred spectators. Along with the help of his magical - and non-magical - friends, he tries to escape. But luck runs out, and he must fight in the Game.

Pros and Cons

If you're a big fan of Harry Potter or The Mortal Instruments Series you will probably like Chima's book. The blending of magic into the modern world seems to be a popular trend, and it's no different here. Jack is a good, strong, moral character, as are his friends. There's plenty of humor and lots of adventure to be found. I finished the book thinking that it was perhaps written with a perspective more aimed towards boys.

The Bottom Line

Wizards, magical swords and teenagers combine to create one crazy, fantastic adventure. It's 426 pages long.

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