Saturday, July 16, 2011



Dr. Frankenstein has begun a scientific adventure that is about to change his life...for the worse.


What do you dream of creating? A new iPhone application? A new way to block door-to-door carpet cleaning salesmen? For Dr. Frankenstein, he dreams of creating life. In Mary Shelley's equally epic and chilling tale, Frankenstein creates a human life form from the remains of cadavers. While he is first elated with this "invention" the deformed monster soon wreaks havoc on Frankenstein's life, and he is left to ponder his miserable existence with questions of what it really means to be a "creator."

Pros and Cons 

Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, a woman whose own life was marked with pain and misery. It was fitting, then, when she wrote a novel that reflected such a tone. Its prose is remarkably fun to read, despite the long, flowing writing style of the 19th century. Shelley's masterpiece flawlessly combines adventure, mystery, romance and horror.

The Bottom Line 

If you like mystery with a chilling twist, Frankenstein will suit you well.

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