Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Memories (And Reindeer)

It's true. I am a nostalgia junkie. I tend to look for music, food and images that remind me of the "good old days," when I was five years old, sitting in the hallway of my house and listening for Santa Claus at midnight. Back when Christmas revolved around hanging stockings and hiding my homemade Popsicle stick ornaments for Christmas Eve presents.

White Christmas was always a film my family watched every year. It's such a beautiful movie with equally beautiful music. The little video I posted today is a song that I have periodically run across through the years. It is an entertaining spin on such a famed song. You may have noticed it from The Santa Clause movie (the part where Tim Allen uses the fire extinguisher on the turkey? That's the clip!). So take a minute or two to enjoy this spiffy take on a Christmas classic, and enjoy the holidays!

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