Monday, December 26, 2011

Half-Blood Overview

For Alexandria, being a Half-Blood is tough.  After witnessing the murder of her mother by Daimons - what one might compare to a blood-sucking vampire - she is touted back to a prestigious school known as The Covenant. As the child of a mortal and a Greek Pure-Blood, she must work hard to catch up with the other students at the school. A school that trains its kids to fight, and kill, Daimons. When Alexandria begins one-on-one training with swoon-worthy Aiden, a Pure-Blood, it becomes apparent that kicking Daimon butt is no picnic. That, plus the threat of Daimon attacks and startling revelations about Alexandria's destiny, serves up a satisfying literary slice of hot romance, delightful drama and awesome adventure.

I originally bought this book over Christmas to read on my Kindle. (You can purchase it on both Kindle and Nook, by the way) It was a really fun book to read, and there is a prequel available, Daimon. If you enjoyed The Vampire Academy Series, by Rachelle Mead, you will definitely love Half-Blood, by the very talented Jennifer L. Armentrout.


  1. I started this one a few weeks ago. I find myself struggling through it. I am about 1/4 through. I guess I'm just waiting for something to happen. I will keep going though your post really motivated me :) Oh by the way I am your newest follower :)

  2. Don't worry! Stuff does start to happen! :) I liked it because it reminded me of Vampire Academy, but with a more like-able main character. Thanks for the follow, by the way. I followed you back. :)


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