Monday, December 12, 2011

Indian Fan (That Would Be Me)

I heard once that you should keep your blog posts short but sweet. In light of that piece of advice, I'll slim this one down a few sizes. The picture below is something I posted because I have a new fascination with Indian culture - one that can be easily explained if you taste Indian food or glance at Indian architecture. And no, I'm not talking about Cherokee Indians (of which I am a descendant) or Native Americans. I'm talking about India. You know. The place Christopher Columbus mistook America for? That's the one!

Since I'm on the subject, a book that everybody should read is Tiger's Curse, by Colleen Houck. It's the perfect example of how a self-published author found her own way to a publishing house - and eventually a deal that will span five books. Not bad. And it's all about India, which perfectly suits my tastes at the moment.

Happy Week to everyone!

P.S. I am bipartisan when it comes to teams Ren and Kishan, by the way, for fans of the series.


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you and your blog, and thanks for your Follow on my blog! Lovely building in that India photo. That is cool how Colleen was self-pubbed and found a publishing house! ;o)

  2. Gorgeous! I love how deeply you can enjoy a culture - food, language, buildings, books... (And I totally know what I'm having for dinner now!)

  3. Hello! Just dropped by to say hi and thanks for following my blog. :-)

    India always sounds like an interesting place to go. Maybe I'll go there one day.


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