Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Apocalypse Gene

The Apocalypse Gene. It has infected the world - killed off most of its population through a killing gene known as 'cancer.' As the citizenry of post-apocolyptic Chicago struggles to survive, Olivya is living with her mother in a house-turned-hospice ward. Surrounded by death on all sides, Olivya also has the Sight - she can see peoples' auras, a psychic ability that she believes is unique to her. Until she meets Mikah. And everything changes. The dystopian thriller takes a dark turn as the world plummets towards ultimate destruction - all because of Olivya and Mikah. 

This book is part fantasy, part science-fiction and part zombie apocalypse. I have to admit, the book began with a great premise: the world, eaten away. Civilizations, non-existant. The final remnants of society, hanging by a thread. But as the book continues, the names and places become so incredibly complicated that I had to think way too hard to keep the story straight. Even now, as I think back over the book, I am hard pressed to remember the names, plots and important details. In other words, what began as a simple story morphed into an extremely complicated web of facts and nearly unpronounceable names. 

But the writing is very beautiful. Colors, shapes and emotions are all described nicely. I'll admit that some of the local lingo in post-acpocolyptic Chicago is a little confusing - but imaginary vocabulary sometimes makes a story more fun. Have you read the book? Are you going to? 


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    1. I did - and thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're awesome! :)


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