Monday, January 2, 2012


Silence.  That about sums up the memories of Nora Grey's last five months. In the third installment of Becca Fitzpatrick's bestselling Hush Hush series, Silence begins with Nora waking in a graveyard. Remembering nothing of the last five months, she learns that she was kidnapped. And she apparently fell in love with a fallen angel named Patch. The trouble is, somebody, or something, erased her memory, and it may be the only way that she will be able to survive the coming chaos.

Becca Fitzpatrick goes full circle in the Hush Hush series, bringing us back to a book one-like scenario in which Nora falls in love with Patch all over again - because she doesn't remember him. This takes up a large portion of the book. The other parts are spent discovering who kidnapped her and why, and how exactly being in love with one of heaven's damned is going to look on her college resume. I personally like Fitzpatrick's style of writing: it's easy, breezy and almost artistic. The book leaves off with a teasing cliffhanger, a sure guarantee that there will be a fourth book coming soon.

The question is: will you read Silence?


  1. Oh man. Thomas Mcdonnell? Total Patch. I haven't been able to read Silence. I'm scared.

  2. He does bear a remarkable resemblance to Patch in this picture.


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