Monday, January 9, 2012

Tiger's Voyage

"Forget vampires and werewolves, tigers are the new hottest thing." So it's been said by RT Book Reviews. Truth be told, Colleen Houck's Tiger Saga captured my attention simply because of the gorgeous tigers found on the cover of each book. If you're familiar with the series, you know that it follows the story of sweet, loving Kelsey Hayes as she falls in love with two Indian princes. Princes that just so happen to have a curse that transforms them into a tiger for a certain period during the day. She has helped these tiger princes find a way to break the curse, and as the readers head into book 3, Tiger's Voyage, things get intense. 

Poor Kelsey. Her true love, the Indian Prince Ren, has finally been rescued from harm's way from the evil sorcerer Lokesh - but he has no memory of her. Devastated, she turns to Kishan, Ren's brother, and a relationship forms. But there is more to this tale than romance alone. They must visit five mythological - and extremely dangerous - dragons in their quest to break the Tiger's Curse. All the while they must outsmart the murderous Lokesh - and Kelsey must choose between the two brothers' love.

I love the Tiger Saga because it possesses a certain amount of purity. Houck keeps her writing sweet and simple; her description of Indian culture and mythology is simply riveting. Looking for a better reason to check out the saga? Here's an excerpt from Tiger's Voyage. 

I was about to keel over, but then I opened my eyes and looked at Ren. He was watching me with concern. When he saw that I’d opened my eyes, he smiled my favorite lopsided grin, the sweet expression he used only with me, and for just a moment the pain disappeared. For that brief instant, I allowed myself to believe he was still mine, and that he loved me. Everyone else in the room vanished and it was just me and him. I wished that I could touch his face and brush back his silky black hair or trace the arch of his eyebrow. I stared into his handsome face and let those feelings overwhelm me and in that fleeting time I felt the ghost of our emotional connection.


  1. wow, sounds really good. And I LOVE the covers!

  2. This series is just amazing....The third book is the best so far!

  3. First Footloose now Tiger's Voyage...are ALL the hot guys named Ren?!


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