Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Awards!!

Thanks to the kindness and, let's face it, all around awesomeness of Victoria from Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer, I get to put two more awards under my blogging belt: The Sunshine Award and the Dream Launcher Award. Finally, stuff that I can actually win! I don't have a great track record of winning. Okay. I don't have a track record, period. I won a ten dollar gift card to a stationary store that went bankrupt. How did I win? Because I colored a teddy bear with oil pastels for the local newspaper. They ended up just giving me a ten dollar bill because apparently, gift cards are a thing of the future. (yeah, I was just as confused then as I am now)
So I'm supposed to answer some great, albeit wonderfully silly, questions for this award. Hang on to your hats. This could get.....okay, it's not getting anywhere. Just read. Just smile and read.

What's your favorite color?

Well, I like to think of my favorite color as one big rainbow. Seriously, I love dark green and I adore purple. But my favorite color combo is blue and white. So is that a real answer? No? Okay. I like blue. Sky blue. Deep blue. Black and blue....wait. That's not right. Just BLUE!

Favorite animal?

Are you kidding me? The cat. Un gato. Felinus Domesticus. El tigre. I love CATS! I adore them. In fact, if I could get away with marrying one, I probably would do it. They're so soft and cuddly and adorable. Yeah. I'm definitely going with a cat over a boy. (By this point I'm sure you've noticed that I have issues)

Favorite number?

10. My favorite number. Always even. Always perfect. And yes, it is Adrian Monk's favorite number, too. I told you I have issues. *straightens books*

Favorite Drink?

I'm a boring schmuck, so I don't drink alcohol. Alright, fine. I'm only 18, so I can't drink alcohol. But even if I could or wanted to, my favorite drink has always been and will always be a Cherry Sprite. I like to get it from the bar when I eat out with cherry grenadine. I love it.

Facebook or Twitter?

Twittah, baby! It's like face to face conversations, without faces.
Now that I say that out loud, it doesn't sound as good as I thought.

What's my passion?

Writing, listening to music, reading. And talking to people from around the world. I also love writing screenplays. Oh, and animals.....I love taking care of baby kitties. (feel free to sigh here)

Getting or Giving?

Who doesn't like a teensy bit of both? That is all I'm going to say.......

Favorite Day of the Week?

Honestly, I love Friday nights. Why? Because the weekend is coming and you can eat ice cream or watch a movie (and because I'm such a sweet kid, I settle down with adorable movies like Die Hard  or The Bourne Identity). It's just a good feeling.

Favorite Flower?

Wild sunflowers and Indian paintbrushes. I grew up going to the mountains and both of these flowers are abundant in the Sierra Nevadas. If I get married someday, my wedding bouquet will be a bunch of wild sunflowers. So I'd better not get married in December........

And there you have it. The darkest depths of my soul have been revealed, and the world is either rejoicing or telling me to shut up. Probably the latter. See you later, and check out my brand new Beautiful Darkness and The Lovely Bones Giveaway!!!

I pass this award on to five awesome friends that you guys have to meet!

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  1. Great answers, my dear! Too cute and I love me some kitties, hence the cute blue eyed kitten I posted :D

    1. I know....kitties are the ultimate animal....tiny but mighty!

  2. You're legal to drink here :) My all time fave drink is an old school cherry coke from this restaurant I went to in Chicago. The bartender got normal coke and mixed it with cherry syrup and put in some cherries... it was superb!

    1. Cherry coke is my mom's favorite drink, too! I've heard some bartenders call it a Roy Rogers...I always eat all her cherries because she loves the cherry flavor, but hates actual cherries....figure that out, lol!

    2. Your mum is a smart woman with great taste! :P Roy Rogers... interesting name... I shall google it! I get why she does that, my brother removes the cherries too. He prefers the liquid flavour over having to bite something in his drink.


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