Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shadows (A Novella)

Oh. The. Drama. If you've read Obsidian (and I'm betting most of you have), you know that this is Jennifer L. Armentrout's prequel/novella to the series. It's a super easy, short read and it's full of signature Armentrout wit and fun. It begins like so: Dawson, the kinder half of his twin brother, Daemon (yup, the same Daemon from Obsidian), falls in love with a human girl named Bethany. What's the problem, you ask? For starters, Dawson is an alien. Not the kind of alien you find hunched over in chemistry class studying their notebook with such intensity that you'd think it was a magnet. And not the kind of alien that, for some reason or another, thinks that calculus is more fun than reading YA fiction. (I had to throw that in there) No, Dawson is a real live alien of light from another planet who can take human form. The only problem is that Luxen (his kind's name) aren't really allowed to date - much less LOVE - humans. Hmm. Are you spying major drama on the horizon?

This was a quick-paced read to sate Obsidian's appetite for more romantic goodness until the next Lux novel is released. It delivers well, and I can't tell you how many times I found myself laughing aloud (and getting more than a few weird looks from my brother) at Jennifer's downright hilarious sense of humor. The woman can really make you laugh. But at the same time she makes you feel for her characters. It's a nice balance. 

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