Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shattered Souls

Lenzi Rose Anderson is going crazy. Well, as crazy as you can be when you hear dead people talking to you. That's's time for her to own up to her fate of being a Speaker, or a conversationalist with the spirits of the dead still lingering on earth with her Protector, Alden. Alden just happens to be the love of her life. Too bad she can't remember him. Apparently both Alden and Lenzi have both reincarnated a few times. The only problem is that Lenzi has no memory of her past lives. So...can she step up to the plate and do her job of helping spirits move on from this earth? 

I picked up Shattered Souls because I kept hearing about how cool it was. It was cool, it just wasn't my favorite genre of story. Exorcism and such isn't my cup of tea. In fact, it freaks me out. Yeah, I'm a wuss, but getting back to the book. It was very well written. There wasn't any one strong plot motivation, however, although the romance with Alden was entertaining. I found the story very predictable. Predictable to a point that on a certain page, the tension was a bit lost because I knew what was coming. Nonetheless, it's a really fun book, and I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys the supernatural ghosts-in-my-head genre.


  1. I'm not a HUGE supernatural fan, either. But that cover is certainly enticing me to be one! GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for the review!

    1. It is a gorgeous cover, I admit!!! So unearthly!


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