Monday, April 30, 2012

Fighting Gravity Tour

 Today I’m taking part in the May 1st Release Day Virtual Book Tour for Cherie Reich’s science fiction novel, Fighting Gravity. I’m going to give you wonderful peeps a quick peek at the first installment in her space-tastic series, Defying Gravity. Ready? Great!

Defying Gravity 

Linia is leaving her home planet of Persea to serve as a linguist on a diplomatic mission to a planet called Medusa. Everything goes fine until she realizes that there's really nothing to do on the ship and she might die of boredom before her skills are even needed. Alezandros, on the other hand, has just joined the military of Medusa and is ordered to destroy the ship that Linia is on. Two aliens from two different worlds. An epic love story is bound to unfold. Of course, nothing goes as planned and both Alezandros and Linia somehow end up being taken prisoner together by furry little cannibals who like to eat people for brunch. Major bummer. How will they escape?

This book is a novelette, which means it’s even shorter than a novella and even easier to read. I think this is an incredibly awesome aspect of Cherie’s books. Short novels. To the point. And you can keep finding out what’s going to happen next by picking up the following novel for a great price!

You can snag Defying Gravity on your Kindle for a mere 99 cents right HERE!

You can also look over other people’s opinions and reviews on the book on GoodReads: Defying Gravity 

Take a few moments to check out Cherie’s book!

Later, lovelies! J

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  1. I have the sudden urge to sing Wicked now. :D Sounds like a great book!


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