Thursday, April 19, 2012


Day is the Republic's most wanted criminal - but he cannot be captured. June, on the other hand, is the Republic's most prestigious, brilliant military cadet. She is a prodigy. Cold, deadly and efficient. But when her brother is killed and Day is the prime suspect for the crime, she vows to hunt him down and seek her revenge. Everything is pretty cut and dried...or is it? The Republic may not be all that it seems, and Day may not be the criminal that June believes him to be. In fact, her entire life might be nothing but a web of lies. 

I really enjoyed this book. It was fast-paced. Every page and sentence moved the story forward. The contrasting personalities of Day and June were great - and yet they were the same in so many ways, which I think was very clever on the author's part. I've heard that this book is a modern dystopian spin on Les Miserables. That's true, but it's a lot more exciting than Les Mis (no offense to Victor Hugo. I still love him.). The only teeny qualm I had was that June was flawless. And by flawless I mean she never lost a fight, never had to struggle with her abilities or take a beating and then rise back up. She was a little too perfect...and that was a little unbelievable. But hey, I'm not a stingy critic. I like girls that can take care of themselves and give boys a run for their money. Who doesn't? (don't answer that, boys) So basically I'm saying that Legend is a great book that everybody should read. Like right now. Seriously. Read it. Marie Lu is one extremely talented lady.

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