Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crashing Eden

Joss is a troublemaker. Seriously, this kid has been locked up in jail and he deserved every minute of it. When he comes back home from the big house he stews in his bitter despair. See, Joss has a lot of inner turmoil going on. His brother committed suicide last year and he blames himself for it, his mom hates his guts (but she has good reason to mistrust Joss) and he's on a fast track to a bleak future. But hey. Something's bound to happen to shake this story up a little, right? One day Joss gets hit by a car and wakes up listening to some relaxing, blissful sound that makes his world brighter. It's like getting high, but without negative side effects. It turns out that this is the PV, or Primordial Vibration, a sound that everybody used to hear before God banished humans out of Eden. As the world begins buying synthetic devices to tune into the PV without getting hit by a car (I would not recommend sustaining a concussion to get in touch with the universe under any circumstance), plagues and destruction start to creep up on the earth. Things are looking dismal, and Joss had better figure out a way to save the world before there's no world left to save. 

I received this book from the author and I was happy to the have opportunity to read it. The good things about this book? A fast pace. I love books that have a fast pace. I was never bored when I was reading this book, which to me was the biggest plus on planet earth. Another good thing was that it was interesting how the author wove mythology and science into his story. The one element that I wasn't crazy about was the main character, Joss. He wasn't the kind of MC that you root for...he was the type that I wished was still locked up in prison. On the other hand, the author was a psychologist and I'm betting he drew on some of his experiences with troubled individuals to create a realistically whacked protagonist (haha, not quite whacked, but you know what I mean). All in all, Crashing Eden is definitely an entertaining read.

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