Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest

First Loves. Okay, so when I was thinking of First Loves for this blog hop, I immediately began wishing that I had a somewhat interesting, slightly scandalous and very fascinating past to reveal. Unfortunately, my first loves are about as shocking as a black and white psychology term paper. So…here we go!

First Movie Love:  When I think of a first love from a movie I’m going to have to come clean and admit that I didn’t have one for a long time. I was a Disney kid and I grew up watching Disney cartoons, so the closest I ever got to crushing on a hero was Prince Philip (not a bad choice, really). I always did have an epic adoration for Spiderman, however. Like a huge adoration. While other little girls were watching My Little Pony I was watching Spiderman dodging pumpkin bombs and saving M.J.’s life. Not, of course, that I was abnormal at all…I did like Jack Sparrow for a long time and then (you knew this was coming) it was Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music. So what does this means? It means my first “movie love” was probably a cartoon. Oh, well. 
Captain Von Trapp....le sigh. 

First Song/Band Love: I didn’t grow up listening to pop music or mainstream artists. I grew up listening to CDs of Bach, gospel music and those annoying yet relaxed cassette tapes of Across the Bridge. But I finally caved in and ventured out into the world of pop and mainstream stuff when I was a little older, and the result was the Jonas Brothers. At the time they were pretty hot stuff, and I remember singing that addictive, clever song, Lovebug, over and over again. I wasn’t the only one, though! My mom had the song on repeat, too. In fact, for my 16th birthday I went to a Jonas Brothers concert with my mom and we had a blast! So yeah, the Jonas Brothers were my first song/band loves. I haven’t had another since they dropped off the pop radar a few years ago. The closest thing I have to a song/artist love right now is Adele, but she’s a girl, so…yeah.

First Book Love: Oh, so you want to know about that. Like my musical maturation, I didn’t start reading so-called “mainstream” fiction until I was in High School. The very first book I ever bought was Twilight, believe it or not (I know some of you are groaning, but hey! It was brand new back then!). I’d read about it in some magazine and thus my first book love was Jacob Black. I know, I know. You’re all tired of hearing about Twilight. Truth be told, so am I. I’m just here to confess that it was, in fact, Jacob Black. Okay. Glad I got that off my chest. * sigh *
First Love: I’m assuming this means I can’t say that my first love was my imaginary pet mouse or my teddy bear who fell on a candle and garnered an ash-colored spot on his forehead. That sucks, because my “first love,” was more like a “first disaster,” and let me tell you, the whole experience was like a tragic sitcom where the main character gets shortchanged. It went something like this:
Girl meets boy.
Boy says, “What’s up?”
Girl replies, “Nothing. Want to hang out?” 
Boy becomes friends with girl for no apparent reason.
Girl and boy begin to date.
Boy falls in love with a football (among other things).
Girl finds out.
Boy pretends his cellphone was lost in the Mariana Trench.
Girl drops boy like a dead fish and lives happily ever after with Tom Cruise.

FINE! So I added the last part.
The part about the fish.
Yeah, that’s the story of my first love right there. I know. It's so shocking and scandalous. 
I’ll be right here all week, ladies and gentlemen. Blogging and writing and designing and working and reading and scoping out potential new authors (how’s that for a run-on sentence?). So I’ll see you all later!
Yeah. It was because he didn't sparkle. That's the only excuse I have for this. 
The 90s were the best, people!
Remember these dudes?


  1. LOL lived happily ever after with Tom Cruise! hehehe
    I'm from the 80s and I think the 80s were the best =P

  2. Who didn't love Captain Von Trapp? He was so sexy, and that singing voice - *swoon*. I think my first love was probably a cartoon character, too...ok, I know it was, it was Robin Hood. You know, I tried to ignore the Jonas Brothers for a long time because I didn't think I'd like their music, but when I actually started listening to it, I liked it. Lovebug was a favorite of mine, too!

  3. Twilight was my daughter's first love (book) and I love that it inspired so many kids (and moms) to start reading again! - Love Jacob Black too.

  4. I love that your first book love was Jacob Black. People can say what they want about Twilight, it's always great when a book inspires people to fall in love with reading.

  5. I agree with Sharon and Jacob has very adorable moments. Though, I have to say your choice of Prince Philip is wonderful :D

  6. gar... twilight guy... i am out of here. :)

    We all love something...right!
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  7. Ah, glad to know that everybody here (well, except for you, Jeremy, lol) like Jacob Black!! :) Thanks for the nice words, everyone!

  8. YEah, at one point I was planning on running away and living happily ever after with Tom 4th grade, I think, when he did Cocktail!

  9. You certainly had the biggest variety I've seen so far!
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  10. And thank you for hosting!! It's such a great event! :)

  11. I just had to say that the Twilight Series is what got me into serious reading. I went from about 2 books a year to at least 2 books a week after reading them. I'm so glad my friend told me I had to read that series. Just sayin'...and I'm in my in 30's and I still loved it :-)

  12. Ah, Prince Philip...*takes a minute to swoon* Okay I'm back. You know that Twilight thing is completely fine. I love Jacob Black and I'm admit it darnet! And those Jonas boys.. If you watched Camp Rock you can't help, but crush on some Joe awesomeness!

  13. Awww I loved Twilight! I read all 3 in like 3-5days :)

    Sharing the Love!
    English Speaking Zone

  14. Nothing wrong with liking Jacob Black! I really enjoyed reading your first love story, glad to hear you dumped him! :)


  15. I love Twilight, but Team Edward here. :D
    Loved your little dialogue with your first love. Funny and cute!

  16. LOL Love your first love story!

  17. I don't remember those guys, unless I do but just don't recognise the picture! Love your "person love" story :)

    I too love Disney movies, to this day!

  18. LOL. I was a Disney kid, too, and Prince Phillip is definitely not a bad choice!


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