Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy Friday!! My big giveaway is ending on Monday (I'm giving everybody a chance to win one of 5 new YA releases), so I'm going to start another giveaway for an awesome book called, I Am Everyone I Meet. This is the same giveaway that will be coinciding with the blog hop on May 18th for the same book! But what is I Am Everyone I Meet all about? Well, the L.A. Times had some pretty nice things to say about it right here! But for all you wondering, it's a book written by a man named James P. White, and he chronicles all of his experiences and random encounters on the streets of Los Angeles. Now I've been to Los Angeles many times, and let me tell you: there are million of stories waiting to be told about that place. James does a wonderful job of doing that. Curious? Here's a little excerpt from his book, which is written as a series of short vignettes:

I'm on a street off of Broadway downtown, sitting at an outdoor cafe, having a piece of coffee cake and a bottled water. I notice a shoe shine stand and decide to get my shoes shined. I finish eating and as I walk to the stand, a car honks loudly. I jump, look around, and see no car. Then I hear another honk, closer. Again there is no car. The noise must be carrying from a long way away. Suddenly a siren blares and quickly after, a series of beeps (like unfastened seatbelt warnings) occur. Then I see a Mexican walking past. A second later, he makes the sound of squeaking brakes. He is making all these sounds! Perfect imitations. 
Amazing, I think. People used to imitate birds. 

I LOVE that, don't you? It's so interesting and so authentic, the way he tells his stories. You feel like you're right there with him. I'm giving away one free Kindle edition of his book below, so if you're interested, be my guest and enter!!! Oh. And spread the word, pretty please? *wink*

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