Sunday, May 6, 2012

Indie Monday

Happy Monday, folks! I know, I know. Monday is not generally a “happy” day. I mean, who really wants to stop watching reruns of soap operas just so they can get back to the rat race and fight coworkers over water cooler rights? Not me, that’s for sure. That’s why I’m a writer (and also a bit crazy, but hey, it’s give and take). This Monday I’ll be reviewing 2 Indie books. If you’re new to the Kindle scene, an Indie book is a novel that’s self-published as an e-book. I have found some really amazing self-pubbed e-books. I’ve also found some not-so-awesome ones. It’s kind of like browsing a candy shop. Most of the truffles are great, but every once in a while you get a stinker. Or a clunker. Or whatever you want to call a bummer truffle.
But that’s beside the point! Today I’m reviewing His Kiss, by Melanie Marks, and Chasing McCree, by J.C. Isabella.

His Kiss, by Melanie Marks

 His kiss? It's awesome. Griff, aka as 'The Grief Master,' is the school's hottest hottie and baddest bad boy. Ally Grange, on the other hand, likes melting into the shadows, writing in her journal and hanging out with her very shy boyfriend, Aiden. But then she and Aiden break and up she ends up falling for Griff. It could be good. It could be bad. But it's certainly not going to be easy.

I have several big-time qualms with this book. First, the word UGH was used on every other page, along with the word 'BAH,' 'GAH,' 'STILL,' and many other phrases. It's a super short book, and I believe the words GRR and UGH were used over 30 times. Yes, I calculate these things. There really wasn't a story. It was a little novelette designed to entertain and make you swoon. I honestly didn't swoon very much because the main character drove me crazy. She was always running away from Griff and her logic was ridiculous. Not ridiculous in a witty way. Just annoying. It was an OK read. Definitely worth 99 cents. Short, to the point. I'm always glad to see Indie authors out in the world, so kudos to Melanie Marks for that.

Chasing McCree, by J.C. Isabella

Chase McCree is a cowboy. Briar Thompson is a cheerleader. They're both wise beyond their years and looking for love. They find it in each other, and it isn't long before Briar is running away from her selfish, rich parents in Florida to stay with Chase on his cattle ranch in Montana. It's just a short trip. Just for fun...right? What could possibly go wrong? Famous last words, my friends. Famous last words.

This was a cute, short and easy book to read. I love cowboys (and who doesn't, really?), and it was interesting to me to have two drastically different characters fall in love. In fact, I was wondering if the author was going to be able to pull it off. And guess what? She did! I was totally sold on Briar and Chase's romance. The best thing about the story was that their love was sweet rather than just plain fluffy, if you know what I mean. There was some substance behind it, and that was warming. There were several unbelievable aspects to the book - the characters acted as if they were in their late 20s rather than 17 year-olds in High School, and I got plain tuckered out (cowboy speak for "sick of") of Chase using the same swear words over and over for no apparent reason. But once you get past the few quirks, it's an enjoyable story that's cutely written.

Well, wasn’t that exhilarating? Fine. So it’s not quite like skydiving or joining the Army or swimming with sharks, but in my world, books are how I entertain myself. I’m sure you know what I mean, fellow book lovers.
In conclusion, I will be conducting an interview with another fabulous Indie author, Rebecca Hamilton, author of The Forever Girl on May 31st over at Na Alley (If you haven’t checked out our joint blog yet, you have so got to say hi!)!

Catch you later, peeps! 

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