Monday, June 11, 2012

Indie Monday: Gifted (A New Adult Novel!)

Lucy is a firestarter. What does that mean? It means that she can control fire and manipulate it to do her bidding...whatever that might be. After her parents die, she joins the Donovan Circus, an organization that is full of talented individuals called the 'Gifted.' They're basically people with superpowers who make a living as circus freaks. Mind readers, runners, earthshakers, you got it. But when people start showing up charbroiled to a crisp (AKA dead), all fingers point to Lucy, the newcomer and the girl with the dangerous abilities. As it turns out, there is more to the killings than meets the eye. There's also a bit of a romantic triangle going on at the same time. All in all, DRAMA! 

I received this book from the author, Liz Long, and I was super excited about it because it is a NEW ADULT read, which by now, you all know is a terribly underrated category of books. The main characters are college-aged, and they can do things that characters in YA can't - like join the circus without parental permission. I have always been fascinated by books about circuses, maybe because I have never been to a circus and I have some funny fantasy about being a tightrope walker in my spare time. You can always find me reading stuff like Cirque de Freak. In fact, the hook that lured me into reading Tiger's Curse was the fact that it was first set at a traveling circus. So yeah. I really enjoyed this book. There were all the characters that I love: the buoyant best friend, the hardcore third bestie who, while a bit stereotypical, was tough and super fun. And here is a bit of personal opinion on the main squeeze of the love triangle, Gabriel: he was handsome, yeah, but so frustrating!!! I would have tossed him overboard like a dead trout if I had been Lucy...but it made for some good drama in the book. In summary? A bit too much "feelings" talk throughout the book, but I couldn't put this story down!

To check out this book, click HERE!!

P.S. Gifted is also the book of the month at NA Alley, and you can enter to do so if you hop on over there by clicking on the highlighted link. And a big thanks to Liz for giving me this book to review. I loved it!
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For YA Readers: This book contains more graphic elements than YA does, so keep that in mind as you read! :) 


  1. Thanks so much Summer! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! xoxo

    1. I did!!!! It was a ton of fun to read - thanks again!!!! :)

  2. So great! I can't wait to read mine :D


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