Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Evil: Sweet or Sour?

Anna Whitt has a heritage a lot more complicated than anyone else at her local High School: she's half angel, half demon. This officially makes her the only one of her kind: Nephilim. Most are half human, half supernatural. In her quest to find out more about her lineage and her powers, she takes a cross-country road trip with the sun of a demon. He's hot, he's bad and his name is Kaidan. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty much where the plot stops. Right there. 

Anna spends the whole book pining away for Kaidan Rowe. Awesome, you're thinking, but let me be candid: Kaidan Rowe is a jerk. He is the son of a demon, and his Sin, or "job" is Lust, so he makes girls fall in love with him and then abandons them after a one-night stand. He is not cute. He is not kind. He's basically a male prostitute and why the HECK Anna fell for him I have no idea. That was the biggest problem of the book for me; that is, creating a male love interest who was so unloveable that the reader couldn't see past his flaws and fall in love with him, too. The second problem I had is that the focus of the book was on the demonic, and how all of the half-demons on earth had different "jobs," such as "creating envy," "fabricating adultery," and "murdering people." The author somehow expected me to show sympathy for all of the main characters because they had so-called "good sides," but guess what? A demon is a demon. Hate to break it to ya. I'll be completely honest when I thought that this novel was going to be something like Angelfire or The Mortal Instruments. In those books, there's a clear definition between the bad guys and the good guys - not in Sweet Evil. In addition, Anna was a weak main character. All she did was cry, cry, cry and then wonder why Kaidan didn't want to date her...for eight solid months. No way! I like my heroines strong, humorous, and independent. The final problem that I had was that the biggest plot wrinkle that the main character had to smooth out was to 'learn how to drink liquor and make other people intoxicated." Why? Her designated sin was "substance abuse." (I'm sorry, but that was way too corny for my tastes.)  Who wants to read about an MC who bows to the temptations of the devil and completely shrugs off her angel side? 
Not me. 
I never want to give a bad review for a book, but this, unfortunately, is one of those times. 
Conclusion: A lukewarm read a best, a plotless, confusing mess at worst. 

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