Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dark & Hollow Places

Poor Annah. Life in the post-apocolyptic environment of planet earth is a seriously suckish experience. Especially since every corner of the world is overrun by horrible, flesh-eating zombies. Major bummer. For Annah, she has been to hell and back again in the Dark City, waiting for her lame boyfriend Elias to return to her from military duty with the Recruiters. Trouble is, Elias comes back a year late, and when he does, it turns out that he does so with a new woman. If you're thinking that this guy is a total rat, you're thinking right. My love for Elias immediately went down the proverbial drain when I found out he cheated on Annah.
(Note: Not the best way to get on my good side.)

Okay, so Annah, Elias and a main character from the previous novel, Catcher (who happens to be a zombie-slaying dreamboat), flee the Dark City because a billion zombies overrun it. They take up shelter on an island controlled by gross, abusive and controlling recruiters, who want to use Catcher and Annah for their own ends. Oh...and did I mention that there's a lot of zombies around? Yup. Tons of zombies and guy/girl drama and some spontaneous kissing in the snow and over stew and sometimes in the middle of a puddle of blood. 
No, this is not a 'When Harry Met Sally,' kind of romance, in case you haven't figured that out yet.

So let me say this: I like Annah. She rocks. She kicks you-know-what and she's not afraid to fight for what's right. When Elias ends up being the jerk of century, she doesn't even punch him in the nose (I would have. Just saying.), but instead she becomes friends with the OTHER WOMAN (not giving away her identity yet!) and helps them survive. Pshaw. How many cheating ex-boyfriends would you help to survive?
Exactly my point. This girl was made to be a diplomat.
Well, a diplomat with a machete.
I loved Catcher. I always have, to be honest. I never did care for the OTHER WOMAN, although I did like her at one time.....but I won't toss up any spoilers. The only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because the book could be so incredibly depressing that you were exhausted reading about it. There was no light to balance the dark...not even a splash of humor. 
 Anyway, it was a good book. Great zombies (be sure to lock your doors and windows after you read....!). Catcher's cute. Elias is a player. Annah kicks butt.
And I just lost my bookmark. Pardon me while I go hunt for it.

Hanging moss somehow reminds me of zombies.
Don't ask why.
It just does. 

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  1. Just checked out the frist two and can't wait to get started!


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