Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Touching Smoke: My Take!

Let’s be honest. Life can be pretty complicated for a 16 year-old girl. Think of all the drama you experienced when you were that age. But wait. For Fallon Braedon, her life is about to be turned inside out and upside down to boot. After she finds herself alone and on the run from crazy people who love chucking fireballs at her head, she winds up with a super-cool, super-handsome guy named Isaiah. Oh, he’s the perfect guy. He has a motorcycle, he breaks countertops with his bare hands and, oh yeah, he can pack a major punch. Together, they unravel the mystery surrounding their existence, their “special” talents, and their origins.

I have been anxiously anticipating reading Touching Smoke for quite a while now. And now that I’m done with the book, I’m salivating, er, excited for more! I read it straight through in one sitting – it was awesome. I loved Isaiah, and Fallon possessed the same killer humor that Airicka Phoenix does: insanely awesome. ☺ I would highly recommend that you go check out this awesomesauce book and put it on your GoodReads TBR list. I LOVED it – and so will you! I promise. 

Get the book HERE!

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