Friday, September 21, 2012


Jackie is in college. She lives in a dorm. She just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. And now, she just narrowly avoided being completely assaulted by a drunk jerk at a fraternity Halloween party. How did she escape? With the help of a hot guy, of course! (Don't tell me you were expecting otherwise!) 

I read this book because it is New Adult lit (and I'm not sure what I expected), which means it basically deals with kids during the years after high school. First, let me say what I really liked. 1, it dealt with an age group that is generally skipped over. 2, Lucas seemed like a really likeable guy. 3, there were plenty of colorful supporting characters to take this book from average romance novel to a dramatic story. 
Now, onto the tricky parts. Sexual assault is a big problem in college dorm life. Why? Because college students spend a lot of time getting drunk and partying hard in the wee hours of the night. (why someone would want to lose all sense of self-control and spend the next day hugging a toilet bowl, wondering what stupid things they did that they can't recall is way beyond me, but hey...that's just me) So this story basically gives us that scenario, and the main character pretty much spends the entire book cowering in her assaulter's shadow, wondering if he'll try to assault her again the second she steps off-campus. 
Seriously? I would have called the cops on someone like that the second he was sprawled out on the ground. I don't think letting idiots get away with being idiots is somehow making the world a better place. 
But again...that's just me. 
So Jackie's weird attitude about keeping the assault a secret didn't make me pity or respect her. It annoyed me. To the point where I was wondering what was going on in her head. 
So what's my summation? This is a satisfying NA romance novel. The running themes throughout it are all things I have a major problem with, and that is just my personal opinion. Well-written. Simply not my cup of tea, and I say this with the utmost respect for the author.


  1. I am most impressed with your reviews. Keep your writing life going! You have a terrific future.

  2. Very good analysis, Summer! I really liked this book, but I too was wondering about the heroine's lack of action in regards to calling the cops. I more so wrote this off as this event didn't happen to me so I wouldn't know how to deal I guess. Overall, very good read with a swoonworthy hero. :D Great review!!!


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