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The BEST Movies of All Time

Maybe you haven't heard, but I have a slight obsession for storytelling. Whether it's a book, a play, or a song, I can't get enough. So is it any wonder that one of my all-time favorite things are movies? As a young screenwriter and a published freelance writer/novelist, I take a special interest in the stories of the big screen. Here are my top favorite movies for each genre. 


My absolute favorite action movie of all time is Die Hard. One, I love cops. Two, I love a basic good guy vs. bad guy story. And three, I love Bruce Willis. This film is all about the good guy doing the good thing and taking out the bad guys when nobody else can or will step up to the job. A bunch of terrorists got you down? No worries. Bring in the cop, ladies and gentlemen, and take cover. There's going to be fireworks. Think I'm not a true die hard Die Hard fan? I have the original movie poster on my closet door. Yup. 
Now go watch the movie and see some serious bad-guy butt get kicked. 
Favorite quotes from the movie: 
John McClane: *crawling through an air shaft* Now I know what a TV dinner feels like. 

Hans Gruber: *reading the note on the terrorist's body* 'Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.' 


Growing up in my house, you learn to love Beatrix Potter. From The Tale of Peter Rabbit to Squirrel Nutkin, Beatrix was one of the most masterful story tellers of all time. This film, likewise, is one of the most masterful historical dramas I have ever seen in my life - thus one of my favorites. If not the favorite. My mom collects Beatrix Potter books and tea cups, and I love to read about the woman who taught herself to be an artist/storyteller and to this day has the most successful children's books of all time. Renee Zellweger represents Beatrix brilliantly and Ewan McGregor plays Mr. Warren equally as flawlessly. It's a story of creative talent, love, loss and rebirth. It's inspirational, beautiful and well done. There are seriously few films that can capture the magic of the famed Miss Potter like this one can. A absolute must-see. 

Romantic Comedy 

You better believe it! This is probably my all-time favorite romantic comedy. It's silly, it's sweet, and for me - totally relatable. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors, and when it comes to sweet movies like this, I love Meg Ryan. There's something about the whole book element that really catches my attention, too. *wink* 

A close second for me would be Sleepless in Seattle, which of course has Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, too. And third would be My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 


A bunch of hobbits and a ring. 
Need I say more? 
My personal favorite is the second installment, The Two Towers. You want to know how much I love this story world? I have an actual map of Middle Earth on my bedroom wall. Because let's face it: I would way rather know how to navigate Mordor than the boulevard that leads to my local pharmacy. 

Science Fiction/Fantasy 

The Hunger Games, of course!!! I loved the books - I read the first one in just a few hours - and I was so incredibly impressed by the film adaptation that it has turned out to be my favorite science fiction/fantasy movie ever. To date, that is. 

A few others that I enjoyed have been War of the Worlds and Star Wars (the original trilogy). 

I've never been into science fiction too much, but I love, love, love Jurassic Park. I have seen the first movie too many times to count. Part of the reason is because I wanted to be a Paleontologist when I was a little girl, and the other part is that dinosaurs fascinate me - no matter how old I get! 

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  1. I love You've Got Mail, and I've always dreamed of owning a cute bookstore like the one Meg Ryan runs. LOTR is my favorite book ever, needles to say, I could watch the movies every day. And HG, I thought the movie was better than the book. Cried my eyes out!

    Thanks for remindig me of these great movies!

    Ivana @ Willing to See Less


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