Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Agents of Change: Book Review

What if there were more to a person than meets the eye? What if the most obscure generous action was planned?Calculated, even? Welcome to the world of the Agents of Change, an adventure novel penned by Guy Harrison. (You may remember that I featured Guy for an Indie Monday a few weeks ago) What he has done is create a thrilling joyride that reads like so: 
A likable, successful guy named Calvin makes a living as the CEO of an online dating company. In other words, the dude has a thing for playing cupid. And in exchange? He makes some nice cash. However, when he's picked up by a secret organization that uses science-fictioney technology to transform their agents into various members of society, he knows he has an opportunity: a chance to change people's lives for the better. Plus, it's just a cool gig. 

So what did I think about this book? First, I think it's an awesome idea. Imagine a secret agency that kind of acts as the "good karma" of the earth. Their goal is to make people happy, period. Calvin was also a pretty likable main character. However, I did have a slight problem with some of the aspects of dialogue (not as smooth as it could have been), and the believability of the plot. There were snags that suspended my belief and made me stop and say: That couldn't happen. It doesn't make sense! But it is very thrilling, very adventurous, and I love how Guy Harrison takes us right into the action without hesitating for a second. I like that. No wasting time. Dive right in. 

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