Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Book Review (By My Brother!)

The other day, my brother wrote a book review. It was so great, I thought I'd post it on my blog. The book in question is 90 Minutes in Heaven.    Here it is!

Do you believe it is possible for someone to go to Heaven and then come back to Earth? That’s what Don Piper says happened to him in his book, 90 Minutes in Heaven.
Piper, a preacher, had just left a church conference in Texas on January 18, 1989. For unknown reasons, he decided to take a different road home and for the first time wear his seat belt. While crossing a bridge, his car was crushed against the guardrail by an 18 wheel truck. The EMTs arrived shortly after and checked for his pulse. Without finding one, they pronounced him dead. His entire left leg had been crushed under the dashboard and was held onto his body by only a few pieces of skin and crushed bone.
Another Pastor named Dick Onerecker was driving not far behind Piper on the freeway. When traffic came to a sudden stop due to the accident, Onerecker and his wife realized they would not be moving for a while, so they got out of their car and walked toward the accident to see what happened.
When he arrived at the accident scene and saw Piper’s crushed car, Onerecker received a message from God that he should go to the dead person in the wrecked car and pray for him. An EMT on the scene, knowing the horrible condition Piper was in, tried his hardest to discourage Onerecker from going into the car.
Onerecker insisted despite the officer’s attempts to stop him. Somehow, he managed to get inside the destroyed car and to check Piper’s pulse. It was as the police officer had said, the man was dead. However, he put his hand on Piper’s shoulder and began to pray and sing hymns. A short time later he was shocked to hear that the victim was singing with him! The man was alive after having no pulse for over 90 minutes!
Don then describes what he was certain had been Heaven. He also remembers waking up in his battered body inside a barely recognizable car after being in heaven.
Only two chapters in the book tell of his heavenly experience. In the two chapters he describes all the people he had known on earth who were now in Heaven. He claims to have had no recollection of anything he left behind, including his family.
After many, many months of extreme pain, Piper finally realized why God had taken him away from heaven. He found that he was able to give hope to many people who had lost loved ones or who were struggling with painful illnesses of their own.
However, a remarkable part of the story is that Don says he put off writing this book or even talking about going to heaven for many long years. He found it difficult to put into words and to talk about his emotional trauma.
This book is an easy read and can be finished after a short time.  It makes you think about the short time we have on this Earth. It shows how quickly our lives can be ended and the 
importance of living our lives to serve God.

My brother also makes stop-motion movies on YouTube. His channel is RockysToys, and he has garnered more than 50,000 views! :) 

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