Monday, October 1, 2012

Indie Monday: Sing to Me (YA Novella)

Rylie Butcher needs money. She finds a job as a babysitter and ends up taking care of the toddler sister of the same guy who makes fun of her in music class. In other words, her experience as a babysitter just might be a whole lot more awkward than cleaning up spilt milk. 

Michelle Pennington is the author of Candid, a YA novel that she self-published and I read and reviewed earlier this year. Sing to Me is a novella that takes one of the peripheral characters from Candid and makes them the main character. What ensues is a short story about babysitting, money-saving and innocent High School crushes. While I must be honest and say that the dialogue often comes across as stiff to me, what I like about Michelle Pennington's books is that they're refreshingly clean. No bogging down with any unnecessary profanity or subject matter just to make a point. It's cute, sweet and definitely recommendable to people who are looking for an easy read. 

Sing to Me can be found on Kindle
Visit Michelle on her website, Novels and Novelties

*I received a copy of 'Sing to Me,' in exchange for an honest review. :) 

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