Monday, November 19, 2012

Eternal Starling: New Adult Novel

Evangeline is the kind of girl who keeps dating one loser after another. Pessimistic on the concept of true love, she goes hiking one day and runs into a really hot guy named Alex. They date, things happen, and then she runs into ANOTHER hot guy: Emil. Turns out, both Alex and Emil are more than what they seem, which means they're of the paranormal-hot-guy variety, naturally. People are trying to hunt Evangeline and as it turns out, the big question will not be if she survives, but which guy she chooses. 

Oh, yes! This is the kind of romantic love triangle I'm a fan of. It's not overdone. I liked how the author used the concept of reincarnation to tie everything together - something that I adore when it's done correctly. I am totally team Emil. I like my bad boys who have a heart of gold - who could resist him? I didn't find Alex half as charming as Emil, but that's just because I thought Emil was more honest with Evie than Alex was.
In conclusion? I loved this New Adult romance novel.

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