Monday, November 12, 2012

My Heroes (From Books and Movies)

It's almost December (the month of my Blogoversary!), and I'd like to point out that over the course of 2012, I have been inundated with a thousand different story worlds and their subsequent characters. Whether from a book or a movie, here are my top five favorite fictional heroes from 2012. I'll do heroines next week. 

1. Prince Dhiren from Tiger's Curse, by Colleen Houck. First of all, he's a prince (epic win), second of all, he writes poetry for his beloved (I'm not talking Facebook Comment poetry, either) and he's got the looks of a Greek god. Or rather, Indian god. Whatever. He's my favorite book hero of the year. 

2. Chris Hemsworth from Snow White & The Huntsman. Is it weird that I completely LOVED this movie? It was all about action, and although the romance part was minimized, the Huntsman won my heart and earned a place as one of my top movie heroes of the year. *swoon and sigh* 

3. Will from Angelfire, by Courtney Allison Moulton. My goooodness. I loved, loved, loved this book and I loved Will even more. He's completely selfless, loyal, brave and true. He's like a chocolate truffle: total perfection. 

4. Jem Carstairs from the Clockwork Prince. I know that Tess is all in love with Will, but I'm not. I'm in love with Jem, and so are a lot of other readers. He's dying from a terrible disease but he still puts Tess first no matter what - that's true love, people! Jem is awesome. 

5. Chris Evans as Captain America in The Avengers. He's my favorite Avenger (Thor is second in my book!), and he's like the perfect red blooded American patriot. He's like a walking, breathing Declaration of Independence or something.

Who are your favorite heroes from 2012? I have a whole bunch of other heroes in mind for this, so each month I will take one day to spotlight my Hero of the Month. This month's Hero of the Month will be Chris Hemsworth, because his new movie Red Dawn is coming out - a remake of one of the best movies ever made.


  1. NO WAY! For like the past week and a half I've been completely obsessed with Chris Evans...

    Great picks! :D

  2. I know, right? He's irresistible! He's got a boyish/macho charm going on. I love. :DD


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