Friday, January 4, 2013

A Visit from Mark Mackey: Author of 5 Books & 14 Screenplays

Novels? Check. Screenplays? Double check. Mark Mackey is quite the writer, and his newest upcoming title, Curse Girl, is due out in March 2013. Mark enjoys writing about the supernatural, or at least the slightly chilling. Check out his deets:

Who are you? Where are you from? :)
Mark Mackey, I live in Chicago, I’ve won two screenplay awards, have had four of my short stories published in four separate anthologies, Without Title, Christmas Lites, All the Lovely Creatures, and the Perfect Christmas Stuffing.
What types of books do you like to read and write?
The type of books I enjoy writing are about scary, nightmarish things. Vampires, witches, extraterrestrial girls, ghosts, zombies, you’ve guessed it, I’ve probably written about it at one time or another. I’m constantly coming up with new ideas on a daily basis, penning them into college ruled notebooks. Even though the stories I write involve teenage characters, the content can get a bit dark and edgy at times, so I’d have to say they’re suitable for ages sixteen and up.
Published works? Give us details! 
So far the titles of the books I’ve written and completed and released in paperback and Kindle, Genesis the Elizabeth Chronicles, Kristen Flemings in a Ghost story, The Comet an Alison Duncan Tale and other stories, and Kristen Flemings in the sad goodbye and other stories. The ones completed and are in the process of being edited, are Aine: An Undead Girl novel, Maureen: A Vampire Tale, special/second edition, Sister: An Undead Girl Tale, The Attic Girl, Jennifer’s Tale, Love Letters from Hell, Gabrielle’s Gift part one and two, and Zombies of the Desert.
What's the inside scoop on Curse Girl?
My latest book, Curse Girl, the second book in a series of four titled Blue Winter, was written during the entirety of NANO month, and twenty-one days in December, is about Amanda Hansen. Feeling miserable because of her best friend moving to another town across the country, first tries to become friends with the new girl Julie Argyles who has taken her best friend’s place in the school they attend. What Amanda doesn’t know is the new student is a witch, and following Julie’s humiliation, she pays Amanda back in a way she could not expect or want, and now she and her friend Gillian must take a road trip to find Julie before seven days pass, and she is stuck the way she is forever. Curse Girl should be available on Kindle sometime in the beginning 0f 2013.

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