Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Short Stories by Mike Ronny

I really like to read (obviously), and I like to read short, easy things even more. Mike Ronny is the author of several short ebooks on Amazon, all of which you can download for 0.99 cents.

A story set in 1988, centered around camp, crazed cabinmates and of course, pretty girls. 

Chunky, perhaps the most unorthodox addition to the track team in history, surprises his friends by stepping up to the challenge...sort of. 

Open-mike nights are getting scarier for stand-up comedian John Izor. Why? Somebody's trying to kill him. 
Stuck in an assisted living house, a retired weapons expert named Rodney "Red" Daley plans a daring escape using his knowledge of bomb building. Really. 

The custodian of Michigan High, Rusty Barker, takes a trip back to the High School prom as a chaperone - a comedic look at some silly hijinks. 

Mike Ronny is a freelancer from greater Boston. In his spare time, he writes short ebooks. They’re mostly light and funny (at least he hopes they’re funny), though at times they’re also suspenseful or poignant. A few of these stories are YA / NA, including “The Best Camp Counselor in the World,” a coming-of-age adventure set in 1980’s Maine, and “Three Cheers for Chunky,” a comedy about a high school junior’s
unlikely quest for athletic achievement.

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