Monday, February 25, 2013

New Adult Novel: Slumber by Samantha Young

What a beautiful cover!! *grabby hands*
Long story short: Rogan is the handmaiden to the Princezna of a kingdom far, far away. The Princezna falls into a deep slumber brought on by a rare illness that can only be cured with a certain type of herb that is only found in one spot: The Pool of Phaedra. So Rogan decides to set off after the herb that will heal the Princezna, and she does so with the help of the dashing Captain Wolfe Stovia - who just so happens to be the son of the man who killed her family. 

First of all, Rogan is an interesting character. She has a violent backstory that has shaped her outlook on life, and makes her hate Wolfe Stovia with a passion. She sees him as pure evil; like the man who killed her family. They're both snippy with each other and constantly arguing, which of course means that they're really in love. Duh...!  

What I liked: The quest plot line. I like it when characters have to travel far to achieve a goal. I also liked Wolfe - he was a dashing gentleman with a heart of gold. And of course, I love romance. ***grin***
What I didn't like: You'll notice that at the beginning of my review that I said that "Rogan is a handmaiden to the Princezna of a KINGDOM." That's because I can't remember the name of the kingdom. There were too many names of cities, races, magical beings and nobles. I was utterly inundated with information and it was just too much for me on a Sunday afternoon.  I did love this storyline, but Rogan was completely frustrating and annoying. My GOSH. The woman constantly complains, constantly walks all over poor devoted, perfect Wolfe, and her reasoning for him not being good enough for her is because he's a Stovia. I can see this reasoning at first, but after she gets to know Wolfe, she has no excuse for this behavior but plows ahead anyway. Spoiled brat? She certainly acts like it for a huge chunk of the book - even after she's been through some extremely traumatic experiences that should open her eyes! But that's exactly what I'm supposed to do as a reader, right? Yell at the characters in the book. 

Which I possibly (totally) might have (which means I did) done a few times (way more than a few times).

**Slumber is a New Adult novel and contains mature content that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 17. I like to warn my readers about these things before they dive in. :)** 

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