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Chatting with JP Hansen: Pink Slips and Glass Slippers

J.P. Hansen is quite an accomplished guy. He's a businessman and career expert, with a book called The Bliss List: The Ultimate Guide to Living the Dream and Beyond. The how-to book earned two international awards. J.P. has even hopped on television to offer advice on CNN, CBS, ABC, LA Times, FOX News, and over sixty-five radio stations in the United States. He's a busy guy! 

His latest book, Pink Slips and Glass Slippers is a romance novel that walks the line between New Adult and Adult fiction. Here's the insight and advice JP had to offer during his visit at Writing Belle!

Welcome! Introduce yourself to everyone! 
I’m J.P. Hansen, bestselling and award-winning author of three books (“The Bliss List,” “The Bliss List Journal,” and “Pink Slips and Glass Slippers”), Life Coach, Professional Speaker, and President of Hansen Executive Search, Inc.

You've written a romance, Pink Slips and Glass Slippers. Can you sum up the story for us? 
Brooke Hart was beautiful, smart, and groomed from birth to deal with adversity. Her widowed father did his best to raise his baby girl to be a strong-minded business woman. Then she found Tanner. Just when her world seemed perfect, everything turned upside down. Following Tanner’s tragic death, Brooke joins a start-up company that is developing a cure for the disease that killed the love of her life. Just before the treatment is ready to market, the company is gobbled up by a giant conglomerate. She moves to the acquiring company as its youngest VP and becomes enamored with CEO Chase Allman—only to be betrayed by him. Brooke rebounds again and sets out on a personal journey to discover what will truly make her happy. Sparks fly when she and Chase cross paths again in an unlikely way. Now, they need each other to find an abducted child and save thousands of people.

Where did the inspiration for Brooke and Tanner come from? Brooke, Tanner, and Chase are fictional, but inspired by actual people I’ve known. 

Is your book something you would consider Adult or New Adult? It straddles the line between Adult and New Adult. A reviewer called it, “Steam yet substance,” and I couldn’t have said it any better.  

You're the author of The Bliss List, a book about finding happiness in the job you're working inWhen did you decide to make the jump from non-fiction to fiction?
 It was actually a dare. With a table of friends and good wine, I posed the question, “If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one book, what would it be?” Someone blurted out a popular novel (I won’t name it since it’s bad karma), but suffice it to say, I thought it was poorly written, hall-of-shame material. As I scoffed and said I could do much better, another person said, “OK, Mr. Bliss List, then do it!” I thought, oh no, you can’t use me against me. After writing out a stepsheet, the project became interesting, and “Pink Slips and Glass Slippers” skyrocketed to #1 most downloaded book in the world on Amazon a year later. Who says guys can’t write romance?  

Speaking of The Bliss List, what advice do you have when it comes to finding success? 
The secret of success is to make your vocation your vacation. That’s one of my favorite Twain quotes and it starts “The Bliss List.”

If people could only do one thing to improve their attitudes, what would you recommend? Find gratitude in where you are right now.

Do you have a favorite writing snack? (I ask every author this question!) When I’m writing my best work, I don’t snack. If I’m snacking, it’s time to take a break. After a 2,500 word day, I enjoy a good glass of wine.

Thank you for stopping by! Any parting words? Be your bliss!

J.P. Hansen is an award-winning, bestselling author of three books, a professional speaker and life coach. In addition, he is CEO of an executive search company, and for the past twenty years, he has helped thousands of people find their dream jobs. A self-made millionaire at a young age, prior to founding his own business, he was the youngest vice president of sales & marketing at a Fortune 30 company (ConAgra). Previously, he successfully ascended the corporate ladders at blue-chip companies Nestle, SC Johnson Wax, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He graduated from Boston College with a BA in English and an area of concentration in Economics.
His first two books, "The Bliss List-the Ultimate Guide to Living the Dream at Work and Beyond!" and "The Bliss List Journal" have garnered four awards (two international), including:
- ForeWord Book of the Year medal winner
- Next Generation CAREER Book OF THE YEAR Award winner
- Indie Excellence Award national finalist
- USA Book News Award national finalist

His latest book, "Pink Slips and Glass Slippers," became the #2 most downloaded book in the world (Amazon) within its first week and continues at or near the top in most rankings.
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