Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's Up With Me: State of Chaos Deets

What's up with me this time? So much. 
My schedule has been kind of crazy lately, and it can all be attributed to a little thing known as work. Ah, yes. Familiar with the term? 
Thought so. 
I'm currently working on State of Chaos, the sequel to State of Emergency, which was released January 18th of this year. The amount of time and research going into this sequel is unbelievable. 
(And slightly overwhelming, but hey. That's writing.)
I've gotten so many emails, letters and tweets from people wondering when State of Chaos will be released, what it will be about, and what they can expect. So I decided to cover some of the FAQs today. 

When is State of Chaos being released?
Soon. Very soon. 
You can expect State of Chaos to release Summer 2013. 

What is SOC about? 
I'm not going to give away the whole storyline! This book will continue the story of Cassidy Hart and Chris Young as they fight for survival in the post-apocalyptic United States. You can expect new characters, new settings and a little bit of a surprise. And that's all you're getting out of me for now. My lips, er, keyboard is sealed. 

Is there going to be a trilogy? 
The Collapse Series is exactly that: a series. There will be at least three books, but there may be four or five. It depends on the story and the longevity of the characters.
 If there's a story to be told, I'll tell it. 

What's it like writing the sequel? 
(see what I did there?) 
This book has required lots of research and editing. As with most novels, a sequel is often more challenging to write than the first installment, and this book has certainly been a bit more tedious to write. I love the characters and the story, though, and that makes it all worth while in the long run.

What kind of research are we talking about? 
Everything from reading tactical manuals to hands-on research experience in which I end up with lots of bandaids and quite possibly, a sunburn. I've talked to different people and learned a lot about different things. That's one of the best aspects of being a writer: You never stop learning. 

What's your workday like? 
Oh, that question. I work from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I make sure I leave room for fun stuff, though. All work and no play makes Jack - I mean, Jill - a dull girl. 

Is there going to be a release tour for State of Chaos?
Yes! In the coming month, I will be orchestrating sign-ups for the release tour for this novel, so you can start looking for that sometime in May. If you want an ARC of State of Chaos, you'll also be able to sign up during this time. 


  1. "Advanced Review Copy" - I finally figured out what the heck ARC means! I was going to look it up, then it just slapped me in the face.

    1. haha, it took me a while to figure it out, too. :)

  2. Glad to know the sequel is on it's way :)


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