Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream Casting the Characters: Destiny Gift Release Day!

My NA Sister Juliana Haygert's New Adult novel, Destiny Gift, is finally here! In honor of the release week, she's conjured up a stellar dream cast for every character in her book. 
What do you think?
(I love it!)
Read on for her guest post:


What writer doesn’t dream of having their book(s) turned into movies?
My father keeps asking, in a hopeful tone, when my movie is coming out … I wish I could actually answer that.
Meanwhile, I’m left to dreaming about it … and here’s Destiny Gift dream cast:

Nadine = Alexis Knapp (darker hair version). Nadine is so perfect in my head, and I don’t mean perfect = flawless. I mean perfect, that the way I imagine her is so vivid … it was hard trying to find an actress to match her. I think Alexis Knapp was the closest I could get to.

Victor = Evandro Soldati (his lighter hair version). Well, I just always had Evandro, a Brazilian model, as Victor in my mind. He isn’t an actor, but he’s a great (aka yummy) model. ;)

Micah = Sean O’Pry (with dark contacts). Okay, this one is near and dear to my heart. I love, love Micah. Well, Sean O’Pry is so handsome, in a rough kinda way, just like I imagine Micah. Micah is also mysterious … now look at the pic. Perfect, right?

Ceris = Taylor Schilling. This was also a hard one. Ceris is older than the others (just like Imha and Omi), but she’s equally beautiful. And her face, her features, are supposed to be lovely. I think Taylor Schilling has this sweet air about her that makes her a good choice for Ceris.

Imha = Scarlett Johansson (with pitch black hair). I love this pic of Scarlett. It screams CRAZY! Just like Imha is.

Omi = Karl Urban (with goatee and scruffy hair). Karl can pull off the hard, unscrupulous gaze of Omi as if he was born for that. Plus, he is very handsome, and although Omi is kinda evil, all gods and goddesses are stunning, powerful.

Morgan = Viggo Mortensen (with longish, shaggy hair). Viggo can morph into any kind of character he wants, and I can easily see him as an easy-going Morgan, talking about the Everlast all the time. ;)

Fates = Gwyneth Paltrow (with white hair). Another hard one. The fates are three identical women with ageless features. With a dull makeup, Gwyneth sure does get that look. And I can see her doing the whole I’m-so-powerful-and-I-don’t-need-to-show-it-off vibe of the Fates.

There you have it! My version of the perfect cast for Destiny Gift. Do you approve?
Thanks, Summer, for having me ;)
Pick up your copy of Destiny Gift today and connect with Juliana online! 


  1. Ooh Evandro Soldati! I approve! And Viggo Mortensen is a fantastic actor!

  2. I think Gwen would be perfect for the Fates and I haven't read the book yet. Cool cast.


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