Friday, May 31, 2013

State of Chaos: Question and Answer Time with the Author (Me)

At this point, I have received just about every question you can think of regarding State of Chaos. I did a FAQ feature about a month ago, and because things have changed since then, it's time for another one. Here's the rundown on the sequel to State of Emergency

When does it release
If all goes well and the earth doesn't cease in its usual orbital trek around the sun...yeah. You can mark your calendars for June 28th.

Does anybody important die in this book?
Let me put it this way: you're getting nothing out of me on this point. Spoilers aren't cool, people! 

How long did it take you to write State of Chaos?
Technically, State of Chaos has been in the works for 6 months, but it took me a little less than 35 days to write it. The entire process of editing, researching and making everything sparkle took exactly 43 days. 
I count. 

Last time you focused on the two main characters: Chris and Cassidy. Will there be any new characters in this book? 
Well, obviously! This sequel allowed me to expand Cassidy's world a little bit. Or I should say...what's left of her world. New people, new situations, and new character developments. 

Are any of your characters based on real people?
A good author never reveals the inspirations behind their characters. A great author alludes to the inspirations...but leaves it at that. People inspire me, yes. Situations inspire me. Places inspire me. Is Chris based on a real person? Yes and no. Is Cassidy? Yes and no. Characters tend to take on a life of their own, and the personalities of those around us make them more colorful. Fiction is just an embellishment of reality, after all. 

Pace yourself! I'm taking a couple of days off from novel writing just to give myself some time to breathe a little oxygen and sleep in two extra hours in the mornings. That helps. I start working on book 3 next week, so yes. The story will continue. And I'll go right back to my usual schedule of sheer madness. (But madness is genius...right?)

Is Chris Young inspired by somebody in real life? 
I created Chris last year when I was writing the scene from State of Emergency where Cassidy is escaping the city. I hadn't even anticipated a male lead before that point. 
He is an offshoot of what I thought a man should be: dedicated, logical, and, let's face it: manly. I like heroes who know how to fix things, fight things and protect things. The old fashioned cowboy types, you know? Chris is all of those things. He's just a decent, humble guy, and I draw from the inspiration of real-life heroes all around me when I write about him. 

How long does it take you to write a novel...any novel? 
Depends on the length of the novel. I can usually write a book in a month. I like to have a basic outline before I spend all the time and effort of actually creating the book. When I am writing the book, I set a word count for myself and I'm not allowed to do anything - not even my other jobs - until I've reached that point. That means cell phones are out the window, radios are forbidden, and the only people you get to talk to during this lockdown time is the yogurt parfait sitting on the counter in front of you. 
Yeah. Writing can be a lonely job, sometimes. 
Hello, Mr. Yogurt.

Parting words
I think everybody will be surprised at what happens in State of Chaos. Cassidy gets to grow a lot as a character, and her relationship with Chris really matures a lot. Plus, releasing a sequel is just plain fun, when it comes right down to it. 


  1. Oh, I miss the days I wrote a book in 35 days ... I'll do it again, some day LOL
    Woot, can't wait to read it! <3

    1. I can only do it fast if I've set a deadline for myself, haha - otherwise my pace would be a lot more leisurely!!!

  2. Love your answer to "When does it release" because only we fiction authors are nerdy enough to give that kind of answer. "Well, I don't want to commit to a date, just in case there's an impeding cataclysm or alien invasion, but..."

    1. Well, it's just another way of saying June 28th, haha :)

    2. But that's my point. You didn't simply say June 28th. You added the caveat of "if all goes well and the Earth doesn't cease in its usual orbital trek around the sun". People who write lawbooks or textbooks on water utilities, they don't give answers like that. Only a fiction author takes the time to acknowledge that a deadline could be missed because, hey, you never know when you might get abducted by aliens.

    3. Because there's no drama in that, LOL!! :) Yes, abduction by aliens is one of those things you just have to take into account. That and the always possible and impending destruction of modern society as we know it. Just putting that out there, haha

  3. Just finished reading State of Emergency and am SO happy the sequel is coming out this month! BYW just wrote a review for it.


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