Friday, June 28, 2013

State of Chaos: Release Day (Finally!)

At long last, the day has finally arrived! State of Chaos officially releases TODAY! I am so excited to finally let this novel go - literally and figuratively speaking. It was an amazing, life-changing experience to write this book, which makes it very special, because not many books change your life like State of Chaos changed mine. And I mean that in the best way possible. The process of writing this and getting it published was very interesting. I've grown a lot as a human being since I began writing it in January of this year. Check it out:

Today there are some wonderful bloggers and reviewers who volunteered to give you guys the deets on State of Chaos. Kudos to you guys! You're the best! (Check out the list at the bottom of this post so you can visit their websites.) 

Here's my release day interview for State of Chaos, a collection of all the FAQs I've received over the last few months.

Why did you name the sequel 'State of Chaos?' 

Because writing it was possibly one of the most chaotic experiences of my life. You don't even know the half of it!
But seriously, I named it that because it symbolizes the turmoil Cassidy - and the world - has been thrown into since the story took a surprising turn at the end of the first installment. You'll understand once you read the book. 

So. Chris Young. Is he based on somebody you know? 

This is easily one of the questions I get asked most frequently for some reason. Everybody wants to know who the inspiration for my Navy SEAL male lead is. The truth is, Chris is completely fictional, but some of his characteristics are based in fact. Bits and pieces of people I've known over the years have been poured into Chris. He became his own character, and I just went with it. Chris's initial purpose was to keep Cassidy alive when I first came up with his character, but I didn't want to part with him, so he will be playing a major role in Chaos. 

Will there be a third book? 

Yep. There is no title or official release date yet, but I should have one in the next couple of months. Just in time for my birthday! 

Where is State of Chaos going to be available? 

On Kindle, Nook and Paperback! Here, there and in the air. Up, down, and all around. (Sorry. I've been reading WAY too much Dr. Seuss lately.) Mainly just Kindle, Nook and Paperback. 

What's your favorite writing snack? 

I'm a gluten free girl, therefore snacking on cookies and pieces of burnt toast is completely out of the question. So I go gluten free with stuff like apples, yogurt and M&Ms. But coffee cake is one of my all-time favorite foods. It should be on the nutritional pyramid or something. Seriously. It's delicious. And it can be made without the wheat. I also love cheese...I'll pretty much eat any cheese outside of Gouda. None of that bitterness for me! 

What do you do in your down time?

I love to read (obviously). I crochet, I watch movies, I go shopping (for important stuff like more books), I volunteer, I visit with my friends, I experiment with gluten-free recipes, I randomly pet cats that I meet, I make iced tea, I create photo collages for no particular reason and I like visiting the mountains.

 Check out the amazing people taking part in the State of Chaos Release Day Tour!
Thank you so much for reading my books, and for stopping by today!!! You're the best!! Here's to State of Chaos...!


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