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Land of the Unaltered: Author Interview and Amazon Giveaway

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Land of the Unaltered is the first installment in the Confederation Chronicles, a series of dystopian romances penned by the talented Leti Del Mar. The book was just released, and I can't wait to read it! Check out what Leti had to say about her book, her writing life and a possible playlist for her novel. 

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. Tell us about yourself, who you are and why you’re a writer.

I was born, raised and live in sunny Southern California and love where I live.  My favorite things to do outside of writing, reading and blogging include spending time with my husband and daughter and planning our next vacation.  We all love to travel and spend lots of time outdoors.  

I've always been an avid reader and have had stories swimming around in my head for as long as I can remember.  One day I told myself that enough was enough.  I decided to sit down and write that story out, and have never looked back.  

Give us the rundown on your new novel, Land of the Unaltered.

It takes place in the future, about a century after a pandemic decimates the human population.  What emerges is a highly polarized society where there is a great divide between those with access to medical attention and those who do not.  The story centers on two young people with very different backgrounds who forge a special bond and discover a secret that could change their world as they know it.

Dystopian Romance is one of my favorite things to read. Why did you choose to write a book in this genre?

Funny you should say that...It’s one of my favorite things to read.  Since I invest so much time and heart into my work, I write what I enjoy and I love Young Adult, Romance and Dystopian Science-Fiction.  It just seemed natural to write about it.

Leti Del Mar! 
How do you get into the “writing mood?”

I have a creative writing playlist and fill it with music that matches the mood I am trying to create.  My time is limited between my “day job” and family time; so I make good use of my writing time and don’t mess around or procrastinate.  I sit down and write.  No excuses.

Do you listen to music while you write? Do you snack? And if so, what types of things do you like to snack on? (I freely admit to apples and M&Ms)

Glad you asked.  Muse, Imagine Dragons, Florence + the Machine, Christina Perri and The Civil Wars are frequent flyers, but I always listen to Chopin's Nocturnes while I revise and edit.

I don’t snack while I write.  Our computer already has some pretty sticky surfaces on it thanks to my toddler.  So we have a rule: No food by the computer.  If I cheat, then my little girl tells my husband on me.  However, I do indulge in lots and lots of coffee while I write and I swear by my Kona beans.

If Land of the Unaltered had a playlist, what would the first two songs be?

Demons by Imagine Dragons and Shakin’ by Jack White.

What authors inspire you?

Jane Austen.  She made it in a man’s world and did so with only a small support network.  The woman and her work amazes me.

What advice do you have for writers who are hoping to publish their own novel one day?

Don’t give up and don’t stop writing.  This is a long process so don’t sweat the small stuff.  Stay determined and don’t worry about your level of success for at least a few decades.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me and my newest book!

  2. This novel sounds great and dystopia is one of my fave genres. Thanks for the giveaway.


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