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The Boys of DownCrash: Guest Post by NA Author London Casey

London Casey writes NA. Specifically, she writes romantic NA, and she loves giving readers a peek into the world of rockstars and romance - something that's really popular right now. Her books, The Boys of Downcrash, are coming to an end with the release of the final installment in the trilogy. What can I say? I'll let London take it away! 

London Casey:

We’re at the end of the road with The Boys of DownCrash. The final book in the trilogy is coming out in the next few days. It’s hard to say goodbye to DownCrash, for now, but it’s fitting how the series wraps up. The final book – Some Kind of Hell – has perhaps the most two complicated people in the entire series. Logan is the shy bassist who has a wild side and a wicked past. Annie is a girl just trying to find her way… any way, really… her heart is trying to recover from something her ex did. Neither Logan nor Annie were looking for love and they weren’t looking for what happens in the rest of the book either.

This series has been a blast to write. Creating this band, these rockstar guys, and these complex women they fall in love with has been a dream. Readers have responded so positive that I’m already in talks for two more new adult romance trilogies! I cannot thank readers – and bloggers – enough for all the support. Now, for those who haven’t heard of The Boys of DownCrash, here’s a chance to meet the band before you go and grab the series for yourself!

Tripp – featured in The Stronger, Safer Kind, Tripp meets Scarlett and it’s instant. They don’t know why at first but as they reveal each other’s pasts, they realize how much they have in common. Beyond the physical attraction. Beyond the feelings of love too. They’re both in pain and they seek each other and music to save themselves.

Tatum – featured in Torn to Pieces, Tatum is rough and tough. He’s tall and strong and isn’t afraid to defend Maggie when something terrible comes close to happening her. He can’t stop thinking about her and Maggie is afraid to open to Tatum. But then something horrifying happens… a person comes back from Maggie’s past and threatens to take everything away from her. Including her life. And it might be something that even Tatum couldn’t handle.

Logan – in the final book of The Boys of DownCrash, Some Kind of Hell, Logan and Annie fall in love. It’s almost picture perfect… how they flirt, push each other away, chase each other, and succumb to their feelings. They share personal stories and as DownCrash is growing more and more popular, things are on the rise. Then two devastating pieces of news hit both Logan and Annie, tearing them apart. But there’s something that can never break them apart… and Annie hopes it’s love. 

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