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The Celia Kelly Series: Interview with Author CN Bring

It's not easy to write a book. Trust me. It doesn't matter if it's a ten page book or a five hundred page book, either. The fact remains: writing a book is a serious challenge. I was very intrigued when I met CN Bring, an author of thrilling military fiction, books under the umbrella of The Celia Kelly Series. CN Bring is passionate about her writing and the non-profit organizations she supports along with her fictional endeavors. 
I'll let her tell you in her own words!

Hi! Introduce yourself. Who are you and why are you a writer? 
I am CN Bring and about fifteen years ago, I had a story in my head and I decided to write it down and that’s where it all began.

Tell us about The Celia Kelly Series. I'm curious about it! 
The Celia Kelly Series follows the life of the female Naval Intelligence Officer Celia Kelly. She is a woman of faith and valor who faces mystery, conflict and action with a tight staff state side and a Navy SEAL team in the field. One of the underlining mysteries in the first of the series is what really happened to her husband, a fighter pilot.

What inspired you to pen a tale like this? 
I love mysteries and I love the military. Putting them together was just a given for me.

How much do you draw on your own experience growing up in a military family? (I grew up around law enforcement and military, so I know it can be a big influence in your writing!) 
My father’s service was done before I came along, but we as a family always practiced God, Family and Country. While I was growing up it was about service and how you can always be of service to others. The military, firemen, police is the ultimate service in that you give your life if necessary. My brother followed my father’s example and went into the Army, as did a cousin. My Uncle served in the Navy. I also have a nephew going to West Point and my daughter’s husband is a Blackhawk Pilot; but whether you wear a uniform or not, there are many ways to serve our country and the people around us. What I took away from growing up was there are way too many people in the world not to care about the guy next to you, it’s your responsibility!

Give us a little peek into what your journey to publication was like. 
It was long and learning many things the hard way. I originally self-published and whether you self-publish or have a traditional publisher the biggest thing authors will struggle with in my opinion after my experience, and talking to other authors, is editing. I didn’t go to school to be a writer, I had the ability to tell a story and how that story came together was where I learned about editing. The other tough lesson is in marketing. Those two things are actual professions in and of themselves that you will not be able to escape learning how to do to some extent or another.

You have the Wounded Warriors Project, USO, the Missing in America Project and the Christian Motorcyclists Association on your website. Why did you choose these organizations to support? 
Wounded Warriors and USO are just a couple of causes I give to for the obvious reasons, to give back to those who gave so much for us! Missing In America Project is new to me, but just as important. There are remains sitting in morgues across America of soldiers who haven’t made it back home to their resting place and there is a team of people who have them identified and given a proper military burial where they are from.
Christian Motorcyclists Association is an awesome ministry, done across country on the back of a motorcycle spreading the Word of God.
I also support Lupus research, as my middle daughter, Melissa has Lupus.

Image from Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization
Do you write with or without music....and do you snack when you write? If so, on what? 
I like quiet when I write and I often forget to eat when I get into the story.

Parting advice for aspiring writers? 
Do your homework, own as much of yourself as possible and never give up!

About the Author 

CN Bring gravitated toward military intrigue and suspense coming from a military family. Many of her family members served in the Army and Navy and some are still serving today. She earned her Associates Degree in Criminal Investigation for Private Investigation and trained in hand guns. Bring's extensive research and life experience lend an authentic feel to her Celia Kelly Series (Military/Mystery/Thriller), as well as the Jack Sleuth Series (Crime/Mystery) for youth. Bring is also a member of Christian Motorcyclist Association, Military Writers Society of America, and Women's National Book Association. 

When Bring is not writing she is visiting children and grandchildren which takes her to various Army Bases, Los Angeles CA and Portland OR. Bring spent several years as a Motocross mom and she is also a football and hockey fan. During football season you can find her watching every game of The Green Bay Packers. Once hockey season hits, the team she cheers for is the Detroit Red Wings. Once summer hits, Bring connects with the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

Daughter Melissa suffers from Lupus so that is a cause near to her heart. Bring is also a big supporter of the military, with a brother serving and a daughter who is an Army wife whose husband flies Black Hawks. Her father was an Army Veteran, her brother serves as a Lt Colonel in the Army and her Uncle was a Navy Veteran. The support system needed for soldiers and their families who serve and have served is not just a need but a responsibility from those of us who benefit from the freedoms their serve provides. 

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