Monday, November 25, 2013

Senior Experiment: ARC Giveaway!

Andrew D. Carlson is the author of the science fiction novels Sue's Fingerprint and Sue's Vision. Senior Experiment is his debut YA novel, and he has generously offered to give Writing Belle readers advance copies of the book before it releases. He will ship internationally - so anybody can enter! Good luck, and check out the synopsis of Senior Experiment below.

Anthony Cassano’s unique, A-plus idea for Senior Experiment in chemistry class is stolen by another student, Gregory Gray, who claims the idea as his own, impressing the teacher.  Anthony becomes furious and devises a plan to sabotage Greg’s experiment.

At the same time, Anthony starts a relationship with Amber Green, a smart and pretty classmate he’s had his eye on since the beginning of the year.  They both happen to be at Starbucks one day, their “lucky day,” and Amber takes the lead.

Anthony tries to separate his new love life with Amber from the conflict with Gregory, but his attention is often diverted from Amber when Gregory taunts him and shows up in the same places; the coffee shop, the basketball game, the jock’s party, and the mall.  These appearances haunt Anthony, further fueling his desire for revenge.

As the end of the semester approaches, Anthony’s quest for vengeance turns into obsession and continually disrupts his connection with Amber.  His thoughts delude and overwhelm him, pushing her out of his consciousness--even after a night of passion.  Not tolerating his repeated rejection, Amber finally shuts Anthony out her life.  He’ll only be allowed back once he agrees to “let it go.”

About Andrew Carlson 
Andrew Carlson is a scientist who writes fiction for young and old adults (and all those in between).

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from St. Olaf College and has worked in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years.  His books are all based on science, sometimes loosely, other times solidly. His first book is Sue’s Fingerprint; a soft science fiction novel.  It’s the story of humans cloned from alien goo that was sent to Earth, and the DHS agent that was assigned to contain them.  Can he control the "alien threat?"  The sequel, Sue's Vision, follows the clones as they start to live their new lives, all under the watchful eyes of DHS.  All is well until they get a message from the extinct alien species that sent the goo.

Andrew has taken a break from the Sue series to write his first YA novel, Senior Experiment.

To win a copy of Senior Experiment (Andrew is giving away paperback or PDF copies, and he will ship overseas!), enter the rafflecopter form below! 

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