Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Writing is ART: Don't Forget it! (Guest Post by Angela Kulig)

Angela Kulig writes. In fact, you might say that she writes a lot. She has penned several novels, and Pigments of my Imagination, a supernatural YA love story, is her most recent contribution to the world of books. It follows the story of a girl named Lucia who finds that perhaps this is not the only life she's ever lived...and maybe she's got more to worry about than passing her art exams. Angela understands that writing is a form of art, and today she's here to talk about that very subject, something I like to call the art of storytelling

Angela Kulig:

Writing is ART, Don't Forget It.

Sometimes I worry, people have forgotten that writing is an art form. If it was strictly for communication, the only fiction would probably be propaganda. Things like, Jill Didn't Pay Her Taxes, Then Jill Went to Jail. Thankfully, we haven't devolved to that; and writing is still art—even if people refuse to believe it.

It seems to me these days that people get so caught up in defining what is a good book and what is a bad book that they forget the reason for reading is actual enjoyment. I love art, and that's why I wrote my book Pigments of My Imagination. I love art, but that doesn't mean I like or understand every Degas piece. It doesn't mean that I don't secretly think my four year old twins have more raw talent that Pablo Picasso. It only means that I can like Amanda Hocking more than Steven King because of how their books make me feel, and I shouldn't be told I'm wrong.

You know that clich√© phrase, “it's like comparing apples to oranges.”? How about comparing art to art? If you were to place a priceless Monet, next to a Rockwell—how would you score them if not by how they make you feel? How would you decide which was better?

Should their be a rating scale? Because that's how they do it with books.

So maybe we've over complicated things.

In my new young adult novel, Pigments of My Imagination, a group of artists lives life after life; loving, remembering, and leaving a trail of clues in priceless art that spans ages. It might be about art and love, but it's not more art or love than any other book. Some artists work in oils or clay, but I'm the kind of artist that works in words and emotions. So what's more real? Pages or paintings?

About Angela Kulig
Angela Kulig is an American Gypsy and former pirate. She's traveled from sea to shining sea, and though she is currently trapped in the desert against her will, she escapes every day in the form of many books. When not writing, or running her publishing cooperative, Angela can be found procrastinating on Twitter with the best of them.
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