Monday, March 16, 2015

B.R. Kingsolver, Author of The Telepathic Clans Saga

B.R. Kingsolver is the author of fantasy/paranormal urban novels - five full-length novels, to be exact. Over the years, she's been a maker of jewelry, a nurse, and a student, receiving her Master's in Business. Today, she is an author, and she's here to talk about her books, why she loves to write, and where her inspiration comes from. 

Quick Q&A with B.R. Kingsolver 

Favorite part of being an author? 

I enjoy writing. When a story is flowing and I can see it developing and taking shape, it's a wonderful feeling. I create characters and then get to know them as they develop on the page. They become friends.

Favorite book you've ever written? 

That's hard. I think the answer is always going to be "the last one". I feel as though my writing gets better with each one. The most recent one is also the one that is most in my head because I've lived inside that story so completely.

But the one I go back and read and get the most pleasure from is Broken Dolls, a paranormal fantasy thriller about a telepathic private eye and human trafficking.

Who is your inspiration? 

A person? There isn't anyone who inspires me to write. I've always wanted to be a writer, but was afraid to try. Then a few years ago my significant other encouraged me to write a story I mentioned, and it turned into the Telepathic Clans series. 

Where can readers learn more about you and connect online? 

My blog is woefully out of date, but it has a lot of information on me and my books up until last year.

Currently, my Goodreads author page is probably the best place to check on what's happening with my writing.

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