Friday, March 20, 2015


Title: Day One 
Author: Summer Lane 
Series: The Zero Trilogy #2 
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The apocalypse took everything from Elle: her family, her world and now...her friends. After escaping the ravaged streets of Los Angeles, Elle finds herself stranded alone in California when her friends are kidnapped by a new and dangerous enemy. Determined to rescue them from a horrible fate, Elle begins her trek across the unforgiving desert, into the mountains, and into Slaver Territory. 

All is not what it seems. Death lurks around every corner. Enemies are everywhere. 

With the help of a new and brave companion, Elle fights against all odds, clinging to hope and life. 
Day Zero is behind her. Day One is before her. 
The end of the world is just beginning. 

A Young Adult Apocalyptic Survival Story - ties into the international bestselling Collapse Series.

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I want to say THANK YOU for making The Zero Trilogy such an amazing success, and for allowing me to share Elle's story with the world. I am so excited about Day One, and I hope that you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

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